‘Big Brother 24’: Kyle Asks American if He’s Dumb for Kissing Alyssa, Admits to Being ‘Bored’

​​Big Brother fans have different opinions on showmances. Kyle Capener addressed fans and asked them if he’s dumb her his latest actions with Alyssa Snider.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Aug. 2, 2022.]

Kyle and Alyssa have been flirting on ‘Big Brother 24’

Kyle Capener wears a costume on 'Big Brother 24' walking out of the diary room.
Kyle Capener wears a costume on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Kyle and Alyssa admitted to finding each other attractive to other houseguests and the diary room. However, Kyle was more focused on the game and didn’t want to be in a showmance.

He told Alyssa he wanted to wait for jury or after the season to explore their relationship. But the live feeds revealed a new development in their relationship.

Kyle asks ‘Big Brother’ fans if he’s dumb for kissing Alyssa

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On Aug. 2, Kyle talked to the camera about his game. He believes there will be a unanimous vote to evict Nicole Layog. He then talked about his showmance with Alyssa.

“But anyways, yeah, I kissed Alyssa,” he said, laughing. “I kissed Alyssa yesterday. Oh my god, what am I thinking, America? Is this the dumbest thing ever?” 

“OK, you have to understand something,” he continued. “Coming into the game, I was like no showmances. It’s day 28, and I’m so bored, and I’m so horny. It’s so bad, and she’s so hot. And I never thought I would get along with someone this well. I have to keep playing it up to The Leftovers that like I’m not in a showmance as I was making out with her two feet away from Joseph. Sloppy, I’m getting sloppy.”

He later added that he really likes her and it’s scary. The TikToker said he thought a girl would like him but didn’t expect to like anyone back. Kyle said he came to terms this week that this game is meant to be fun, and at the end of this, he wonders if he’ll regret spending time with someone he cares about. He mentions again he needs to be more discreet about it.

Kyle talks about Alyssa and The Leftovers

 Kyle admitted he is worried his relationship with Alyssa might interfere with The Leftovers alliance. Part of him wonders if that’s why they almost changed their plans to target her this week and asked him not to use the veto. He still trusts them.

This week worked out for Kyle and Alyssa in the end. He earns her trust by winning the veto and Daniel Durston using it on her. In the end, she can join the vote of evicting Nicole after being left out last week.​​RELATED: ‘Big Brother 24’ Spoiler: Daniel Calls Houseguests ‘Clowns’ After Unknowingly Risking His Game