‘Big Brother 24’: Kyle Capener Allegedly Tried to Self-Evict From Jury

Paloma Aguilar self-evicted from Big Brother 24 during Week 1. However, she might not have been the only houseguest this season to do so. According to BB21 alum Jessica Milagros, Kyle Capener also apparently tried to remove himself from the jury house.

Kyle Capener reportedly tried to self-evict from the jury house

During the Jury Phase of Big Brother 24, rumors circulated that someone attempted to self-evict. At the time, many viewers thought it was Terrance Higgins.

However, BB21 alum and podcaster Jessica Milagros revealed Kyle Capener is the one who reportedly tried to leave the jury house early. In a September 30 live stream recapping post-BB events, the former houseguest explained that Kyle is currently having the most challenging time out of his other castmates.

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She continued, pointing out that she saw him privately speaking with several alums after the finale. According to Jessica, she didn’t have the opportunity to have a conversation with the Utah native but noted she met his mom.

Additionally, she claimed that other BB24 houseguests “confirmed” to her at the after-party that Kyle attempted to self-evict from the jury house at one point. Jessica also shared a little about the process of voluntarily leaving the game, explaining that production tells the houseguest everything they lose if they walk out of the doors on their own accord. Jessica continued, claiming the players usually decide to stay after learning what they’re losing, which includes money and the ability to remain a cast member of the season.

Kyle went home during ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 8

Concerned that the non-white houseguests were secretly aligned, similar to last season’s The Cookout, Kyle suggested teaming up against them to Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes.

The two later revealed the information to the other players after Kyle turned on their seven-person group, The Leftovers. Matt “Turner” sided with him and nominated Brittany alongside Taylor Hale, with the intent of backdooring Michael, who dominated the season in competition wins.

Michael figured out the plan and saved himself and, eventually, Brittany with the Power of Veto. The two then told the others about Kyle’s offensive proposal, resulting in his immediate backdoor.

When he found out about Michael and Brittany spreading the information, the Utah native had a hard time in the house. At one point, he threatened to self-evict, telling his then-girlfriend Alyssa Snider that the situation would ruin his life. Kyle’s eviction made him the fourth member of the jury.

Paloma Aguilar self-evicted from ‘Big Brother 24’ during Week 1

On the first day, Paloma Aguilar, along with Alyssa, was picked by Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli as part of the Backstage Boss twist.

They immediately clicked and formed a final two, expanding it to include all the ladies except for Taylor and Nicole Layog, titled the Girls’ Girls alliance. The two, plus Ameerah Jones, also formed something with Monte Taylor, who felt extremely comfortable with Paloma.

Therefore, when Taylor revealed to Monte Paloma’s plans to target the guys, he didn’t believe it. He immediately told Paloma what Taylor said, and they painted a huge target on the Michigan-based stylist. As a result, she found herself backdoored by Head of Household Daniel Durston, who wanted to be on the right side of the house.

However, Paloma began to find herself overwhelmed with the game and chose to self-evict by the end of the first week, citing mental health. As a result, she didn’t return for finale night along with the pre-jurors. Due to Paloma’s voluntary exit, the Backstage Boss twist was canceled, and Taylor remained in the game. She went on to become the first Black female winner and only to win the season and America’s Favorite Houseguest.

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