‘Big Brother 24’: Kyle Capener Says He Will Self-Evict After Being ‘Painted as a Racist’

Big Brother 24 houseguests Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes are exposing Kyle Capener’s “white alliance” plan that he pitched to them when wanting to turn on the Leftovers. After Kyle caught wind of the conversations, he threatened to self-evict.

Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes exposed Kyle Capener’s ‘white alliance’ plan

During Big Brother 24 Week 6, the Leftovers planned to backdoor Alyssa Snider. But, her boyfriend and alliance member Kyle Capener blocked it by refusing to use the Power of Veto.

He then believed “loud personalities” Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, and Joseph Abdin ran the group. So, Kyle approached Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes with an alternative. He suggested the three recruit Alyssa to align with Turner to turn on the group, convinced they would protect each other over him.

When Brittany pointed out the optics of dividing the house by race, Kyle referenced last season’s The Cookout. The six-person Black alliance formed with the mission of making history by guaranteeing one of them to win.

The following week, the houseguests were separated for the Split House twist. Kyle was in the Dyre Fest with HOH Terrance Higgins, his girlfriend, and former Leftover members Joseph and Turner. He exposed the alliance, ultimately resulting in Joseph’s eviction. When it became clear that Kyle had turned on the group, Michael and Brittany decided to reveal his “white alliance” plan.

Kyle threatened to self-evict after he thought they were ‘painting [him] as a racist’

They revealed his pitch privately to Monte and Taylor, which wasn’t caught on Live Feeds. Michael and Brittany later told Alyssa and fan-favorite Turner. The duo claimed they didn’t want the two getting roped into an alliance without knowing its assumed intent.

Turner admitted the information made him “uncomfortable” but also expressed his desire to get rid of Taylor this week. Kyle began catching wind of conversations behind his back and asked Alyssa if she knew anything about it.

His girlfriend didn’t think it was her “place” to say anything. But, she revealed that Michael and Brittany are making it seem like he’s not “giving Monte, Taylor, and Joseph a fair shot at working with them.”

When Kyle asked if it was a “race thing,” he claimed the pitch was “bigger than the game.” He claimed it would “ruin [his] life.” He continued, “I will leave the game if this is what they are pitching.”

Matt ‘Turner’ might backdoor Kyle if he doesn’t voluntarily leave the game

The Utah native insisted it wasn’t true. However, he admitted to pointing out they had “strong” reasons for competing, such as Joseph playing for his mother and Taylor wanting to be a representation of women.

Alyssa suggested he talk to Michael and Brittany, but Kyle insisted he would leave the game if they told everyone the information and “painted [him] as a racist.”


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She asked him not to freak out and explained they weren’t “directly” accusing him of starting an all-white alliance. But, they were concerned about his worries of another Cookout forming. In another room, Turner admitted his head was “spinning” as he might have to turn on his closest ally.

“Kyle might end up on the block this week now,” he shared. Even though Taylor is still his target, he finds it “weird and suspicious” that the Utah native pitched an all-white alliance. Moreover, Kyle knew Tyler considered nominating him to satisfy the other houseguests. After talking to Alyssa, Kyle tried to converse with Turner, who refused. Therefore, Kyle asked to go into the Diary Room and was eventually let in. 

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