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Big Brother 24 Houseguests Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener formed the first showmance of the season. However, she claimed he’s starting to give her ‘the ick.’

Kyle Snider is starting to give Alyssa Snider’ the ick’

Before the Big Brother 24 Week 5 Power of Veto competition, Alyssa Snider sought advice from Jasmine Davis about her relationship with Kyle Capener.

She admitted thinking about him posting “thirst traps” and shirtless dancing videos on social media gives her “the ick.”

The Florida native called it “weird” and questioned Jasmine when she apparently claimed, in a whisper too low to get picked up on the microphone, that it wouldn’t bother her.

“He’s 30, lives with his mom, and does shirtless TikTok dances,” she summarized. “I’m like,” she said before making a face. It isn’t clear if his living situation and Internet persona is a dealbreaker for her or how it will affect their showmance moving forward. However, Alyssa did seem bothered by her findings.

Kyle’s mom presumably disapproves of the showmance

After initially resisting a showmance, Alyssa and Kyle confirmed their mutual crush by kissing each other during Week 4. They have since solidified their romance by cuddling in the bed a few times.

His mom apparently watched the budding showmance and didn’t approve of it or the public displays of affection. On a Discord server she reportedly operates as he’s in the BB house, his mom, Jaime Capener, appeared to share her thoughts on the situation and Alyssa.

She claimed, “we will be the difference of how this affects him moving forward,” adding that she couldn’t continue watching the Live Feeds after the kissing. Presumably referring to Alyssa while replying to a viewer, his mother wrote, “she’s not nice enough for him,” prompting a response from someone else who detailed her alleged “mean girl” behavior in the house.

Kyle’s mom replied, “she sounds very immature.” She also called out the producers, accusing them of “influencing” her son to reciprocate feelings. “Can’t wait to talk to him about this when he gets home,” his mom noted.

Julie Chen Moonves is ‘rooting’ for Kyle and Alyssa to last

After the August 4 live eviction episode and the couple confirming their showmance, host Julie Chen Moonves acknowledged the budding romance in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

She claimed she didn’t think the couple “sabotaged” their game by giving into the relationship, noting they’re both “very unassuming” and popular within their respective alliances. Therefore, the host thinks the two might be able to fly under the radar.


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She called them two a “hot comp beast physical threat couple,” adding that she’s “rooting” for their relationship to last after they leave the Big Brother house. Kyle and Alyssa hit a bump following Ameerah Jones’ eviction because he didn’t tell her about it.

While she has given him game information, including details of an all-girl alliance that led to her ally’s elimination, Kyle hasn’t given her much and remains loyal to The Leftovers so far. Even so, his allies see their relationship as a threat and have discussed getting Alyssa out of the competition sooner rather than later. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.