‘Big Brother 24’: Kyle Says Daniel Is ‘Self-Destructing’ After Their Heated Talk

Kyle Capener and Daniel Durston are working together as Festie Besties. But the Big Brother 24 houseguests had a heated conversation that ended with Kyle saying Daniel is self-destructing. 

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Aug. 4, 2022.]

Daniel makes a big mistake on ‘Big Brother 24’

Kyle and Daniel wear power of veto necklaces as they lean out a door into the backyard.
Kyle Capener and Daniel Durston on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Daniel’s closest ally in the game is Nicole Layog. This week Monte Taylor won Head of Household (HOH) and put Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos on the block. He asked Daniel right before the veto ceremony not to use the power of veto.

Daniel thought this was a trick and a sign Monte didn’t have the votes to save Taylor Hale. So he used it, and Monte put Taylor and Nicole on the block.

On Aug. 3, Daniel and Nicole realized they didn’t have the votes. Right before the eviction, Daniel had a tough conversation with his Festie Bestie.

Kyle says Daniel is self-destructing on ‘Big Brother 24’

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On Aug. 4, Kyle asked Daniel to talk privately. “You’re gonna lie to me,” Daniel claimed. “Are you gonna be honest?” he asked before going to a bedroom with him.

“Dude, I don’t think there’s a lot to say,” Kyle told him. “Like, I’ve talked to a couple people that I thought were solid for Nicole and it seems like they’re switching. I think that’s where it’ll go this week.”

“You think you’re gonna beat them in this game?” Daniel asked. “Dude.” He claimed Kyle won’t make it to the final two and should play for himself. The musician said everyone is a sheep following Monte and Joseph Abdin

“I thought you were a straight shooter when you talked to me about Ameerah, but clearly that’s a lie,” Daniel said. “And it’s unfortunate I’m your bestie, and your showmance is on the other side of the house. But I know she’ll probably vote with you guys now because everyone’s a sheep here.”

The musician claimed everyone was giving the “masculine big guy” the check. He then claimed the final three would be Taylor, Michael Bruner, and Monte. 

Kyle tried to talk about the future of the game if Nicole did go home tonight. “Dude, we’re on the block next week, and I go home,” Daniel told him. “You know that’s the truth. I know they told you that.”

“I mean–,” Kyle said. “I know you’ve been around them a lot more than I have, dude, and that’s what it’s gonna be,” Daniel continued. “If I don’t win HOH that’s it. I’m aware of that. Like I know this game. I’m out. For what? I’m a sitting duck. I’m alone. Why are people playing this dumb game?”

Kyle tried to convince him he was not done, even if he was isolated. “You won’t even look at me like I’m on the block,” Daniel said. He then claimed some people are here for social media fame.

Their conversation ended with Kyle saying they’re not done, and he wants to work with him. Daniel argued to keep someone who is good for Kyle’s game and said Nicole is a straight shooter. Kyle walked away and told Michael that Daniel was self-destructing. He then went over Kyle’s conversation with Daniel.

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