‘Big Brother 24’: Kyle Is Worried About Alyssa’s ‘Red Flags’

Will there be a showmance on Big Brother 24? The show teased a possibility. But Kyle Capener talked to fans about his feelings for Alyssa Snider on the live feeds.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on July 27, 2022.]

‘Big Brother 24’ teased a possible showmance between Kyle and Alyssa

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The July 24th episode showed other houseguests noticed Kyle and Alyssa had been flirting with each other. “What are we gonna do about the showmance thing?” Kyle asked Alyssa in the bathroom. “I’m like, we can’t talk for like two minutes alone without people being like showmance.”

Alyssa then told him the girls were working against the guys in the house. She revealed the girls are hoping Taylor Hale wins Head of Household (HOH) to go after the men.

So Kyle was worried about appearing as a showmance to the rest of the house. But he revealed he’s concerned about more than just that when it comes to Alyssa.

Kyle talks about Alyssa’s jealousy in the ‘Big Brother’ house

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Kyle talked to the cameras about his game on the July 27 live feeds. He revealed how he really felt about Alyssa.

“America, we do have to be on the same page about this,” he said. “I do like Alyssa. She has shown a couple red flags to me personally, just dating wise, where I’m like, I don’t know if I love that. Just her uber jealousness. And I’ve seen signs where I’m like had a conversation with Taylor. I mean, she’s a houseguest.” 

“I have to have conversations with her, and Alyssa kinda got frustrated about that, so I had to apologize,” he continued. “Don’t love that. Anyway, I like her, but I came into this game to play the game, not get in a showmance, and it’s just tough. It’s a tough situation, so I tried to lay that out two days ago like listen, showmance is not in the cards. Maybe in jury house or after the game, which I’m totally open to.”

He said he couldn’t sit by and not use the information Alyssa gave him. That’s why he joined the new majority alliance, The Leftovers, to stay in the game.

How will things end between Kyle and Alyssa?

Kyle Capener posing for 'Big Brother 24' cast photo
‘Big Brother 24’ houseguest Kyle Capener | Sonja Flemming/CBS/Paramount+

This week The Leftovers plan to backdoor Ameerah Jones, who is working closely with Alyssa. Alyssa is already very shocked by Ameerah being on the block. So it’s essential for Kyle to cover up his involvement in the plan once she is evicted. For now, the women don’t suspect anything and think they have the votes to keep Ameerah.

Kyle did have a private talk with Alyssa about waiting to explore their relationship. She agreed and seems to be still interested in the TikToker.

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