‘Big Brother 24’ Will Likely Have a Live Move-in and Audience

Big Brother 24 is scheduled to premiere live, likely meaning the Houseguests will move into the house in real-time. Therefore, viewers can expect Live Feeds to start within the first days. Additionally, after a two-year hiatus, it’s expected the audience will return for live eviction shows.

Julie Chen Moonves standing in front of the house during 'Big Brother'
‘Big Brother’ host Julie Chen Moonves | Sonja Flemming/CBS/Getty Images

‘Big Brother 24’ will likely have a live move-in and audience

After Xavier Prather won Big Brother 23, host Julie Chen Moonves confirmed season 24 and Celebrity Big Brother 3 after the spinoff’s three-year hiatus.

In June 2022, the host teased the upcoming season in an apparent photo of herself standing outside the house. CBS later confirmed the premiere date of July 6, 2022. Jesse Tannenbaum, who served as the casting director for Big Brother: Over the Top and season 23, resumed duties for BB24, which features all-new Houseguests.

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The players will compete for the $750,000 grand prize, which was first increased by $250,000 last season. Although it’s still unclear, audiences are expected to return to the studio for live eviction shows. The show did without the crowd for BB22, 23, and CBBUS3 due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Additionally, the new season premieres live, likely meaning a live move-in. Typically, the Houseguests move in around a week before the premiere, causing viewers to miss out on important moments as the Live Feeds aren’t available yet. However, with a live move-in, the Feeds likely start after the PST premiere so that viewers won’t miss much.

Julie Chen Moonves previously teased ‘Big Brother 24’ in a Twitter post

A couple of weeks before CBS announced the premiere date for BB24, Moonves uploaded a cryptic photo of herself standing outside the Big Brother house.

Taken at a downward angle, the picture depicted the bright pink steps, Fuschia-colored windows, and floor leading to it. The host is barely visible to the side of the photo as it only includes her from the knees down, primarily showing the bottom of her floral print dress and matching high heels.

The house’s colors varied from Big Brother 23, which didn’t include red, and CBBUS3 incorporated its usual blue hue theme. Moonves captioned it, “TGIF so shiny,” with a heart-eye emoji.

Several followers responded to her post, hoping for more answers about the upcoming season. In a follow-up tweet, the host asked, “what do you all want to know?” Many viewers responded with questions, but she didn’t answer any.

‘Big Brother’ last aired in January 2022

Big Brother last aired several months ago in January 2022 with Celebrity Big Brother 3. The house followed a ski-lodged theme, and the Head of Household room resembled an ice palace. CBBUS3 featured one of the oldest casts and one houseguest, comedian Chris Kattan, who walked away from the competition after 15 days.

Although he didn’t elaborate in the house, the actor later admitted he wanted to contact his family. The season also featured controversy surrounding entertainer Todrick Hall and how he spoke to and about the other houseguests.


For example, the entertainer made “slut-shaming” remarks about model Shanna Moakler behind her back and after her eviction, turning many viewers against him. After not speaking on the situation for a few weeks, he opened up in an ET interview where he admitted he had regrets but is overall “proud” of his gameplay.

He also claimed that “open moments” in the Live Feeds have led viewers to “fill in the blanks of what happened during that time,” resulting in misinformation regarding his situation with Shanna. The season ended with UFC Miesha Tate claiming the win over Todrick in a 7-1 vote. Big Brother 24 premieres July 6 on CBS.

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