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Big Brother 24 allies Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale have had a flirty relationship in the house and recently joked about kissing. Many fans are finding themselves rooting for the pair to become a couple, calling it “the showmance we want.”

Joseph Abdin wanted to give Taylor Hale a chance after her time in the ‘Big Brother’ house started rocky

During Week 3 of Big Brother 24, the power shifted when Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, Kyle Capener, and Matt “Turner” (then-Head of Household) decided to turn on Ameerah Jones, who they felt would win the competition.

The group wanted to include the current nominees Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes, as well as Taylor Hale, who they felt the others had “bullied” from the beginning, forming The Leftovers.

Joseph affirmed his position to Taylor when she shared how much she “went through it” so far in the Big Brother house.

He pointed out that she has friends in the game and an alliance who isn’t using her as a pawn. Joseph acknowledged their previous absence but promised to have her back, regardless of the backlash. Following the conversation, many Live Feed viewers appreciated how he stood up for her and discussed the possibility of a showmance between the two. A couple of weeks later, Joseph also joked about faking one.

Fans are shipping Joseph and Taylor as a showmance

The two talked about sleeping arrangements, and he wanted Jasmine Davis to relocate to a different room.

However, he doesn’t think she will because she might believe Joseph is only trying to “get close with Taylor.” The lawyer mentioned they should kiss to incite the rumors, but Taylor quickly shut it down, noting, “I don’t want to cause problems.”

Joseph said they should consider it for enjoyment, “not even for the money.” Their conversation fueled the showmance gossip online as some think Joseph is using it as a “cover” for his actual feelings for his Leftovers ally. On the other hand, others believe they wouldn’t go through it because they know it would make them targets.

Some fans are calling it “the showmance we want,” as many Live Feed viewers consider Alyssa Sniper and Kyle Capener’s relationship “cringe.” One Twitter user already began referring to the potential pair as their possible couple name “Jaylor.” However, others aren’t rooting for the showmance, pointing out Joseph wasn’t kind to Taylor at the beginning of the competition.

Kyle Capener and Alyssa Sniper are currently in the only showmance of ‘Big Brother 24’

Fans began noticing possible sparks between Kyle and Alyssa during Week 2. He emotionally thanked her for her friendship during a private conversation, admitting he feared not making any connections while in the house.

The two hugged and began joking about hanging out after the competition. Their feelings started getting stronger, but Kyle continually resisted getting into a showmance with her, knowing it would prevent him from playing the game.


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After avoiding kissing, they eventually made out, seemingly confirming a showmance. While Alyssa has given Kyle game information, including exposing the all-girl alliance that ultimately led to her closest ally Ameerah Jones’ blindside, he seemingly hasn’t shared his cards.

Kyle seems most loyal to the Leftovers, namely Brittany, Michael, and Turner, as he has included them in his end game. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.