‘Big Brother 24’: Did Michael and Brittany Get Blowback for Outing Kyle’s Bias?

The tables have turned once again on Big Brother. But are the big targets entirely out of the woods? Here is the blowback Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes are receiving.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Aug. 28, 2022.] 

Michael and Brittany make a big move against Kyle on ‘Big Brother 24’

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This week Matt “Turner” became Head of Household (HOH). He nominated Brittany and Taylor Hale for the block in hopes to backdoor Michael.

Michael wasn’t tricked and knew what was coming. The live feeds revealed on Aug. 28 that Michael won the Power of Veto. He will use it, but as another phase of his plan, he made a social attack on Kyle Capener.

He revealed to the house that Kyle talked multiple times about the people of color in the house possibly working together and wanting to team up with the white people to evict them.

This wasn’t true since they voted out multiple people of color like Ameerah Jones, Jasmine Davis, and more. They also were working with Kyle in The Leftovers. This led to multiple emotional discussions. But will Michael and Brittany leave this week unscathed?

Did Michael and Brittany get blowback for outing Kyle’s plan?

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Michael and Brittany talked in the storage room on Aug. 29. “The house is mad at Kyle, but they’re also not happy with me and timing and how things have shaped up to,” Brittany said. “I feel like it would make more sense if the house truly wants Kyle out it shouldn’t make a difference. But I could also see people wanting to hurt you and get rid of me so–.”

“Terrance made the comment that he lumps us in with what Kyle did,” Michael said. Terrance Higgins did see Turner in the HOH room later that morning.

Turner said he will put Kyle on the block, and the house could evict whoever they choose. Turner also said he felt like he was the only one yesterday who had their game outed.

“I f***ed up a lot of things,” Terrance said. Turner said it was more Kyle talking and revealing their final two. “You’re gonna out my game, and that’s it?” Turner asked. 

Terrance and Turner agreed they had each other’s backs. “If you felt if I was overly aggressive yesterday with–,” Terrance said. “I didn’t think that,” Turner interrupted. “I just wanted to apologize again to everybody,” Terrance continued. 

Turner said, “I think this issue is far beyond me to feel any type of way about your aggression in any sense. That’s so far past that.”

Some houseguests are still targeting Michael

Kyle Capener, Brittany Hoopes, Michael Bruner, Matthew Turner, Joseph Abdin and Monte Taylor sitting down in a room during 'Big Brother 24'
‘Big Brother 24’ Houseguests Kyle Capener, Brittany Hoopes, Michael Bruner, Matthew Turner, Joseph Abdin and Monte Taylor | CBS

Monte Taylor was upset to hear about Kyle’s suspicions since he was loyal to him. But he’s also still focused on working with Alyssa Snider and more in the After Party alliance to get out Michael.

So Terrance is already not happy with them, and it looks like Monte isn’t letting the accusations about Kyle distract him. Brittany and Michael will have to win HOH next week to stay off the block.

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