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Big Brother 24 houseguest Michael Bruner made history with the most Power of Veto wins in a season. He ended his impressive run during the Week 9 double eviction but set multiple records during his run.

Michael Bruner has broken several ‘Big Brother’ records

During Week 1, Michael Bruner correctly figured out he was Head of Household Daniel Durston’s target and saved himself with the Power of Veto.

He would go on to win the Week 2 POV, Weeks 3 and 5 Vetoes alongside Festie Bestie Brittany Hoopes, Week 5 HOH, Week 7 HOH, Week 8 POV, and Week 9’s HOH and Veto, breaking Janelle Pierzina’s season 7 record of five Power of Veto wins in a season.

Additionally, he tied her record with nine total wins in a season before his exit.

Michael reached four Veto wins before any houseguest as he won his fourth by Week 5 and became the fastest to win five. Additionally, Michael is the first and currently only player to complete the Trifecta Veto (winning the Veto as a picked player, nominee, and HOH) twice in a single season or ever.

Michael joined the Leftovers alliance in Week 3

After establishing himself as a target of Daniel’s due to their mutual super fandom, Michael won the second Power of Veto, securing Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli’s place on the block and eviction.

The Wisconsin native found himself nominated during Week 3 alongside Festie Bestie Brittany but saved them with the Veto. They were also invited into the Leftovers alliance, already consisting of Monte Taylor, Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, and Matt “Turner” that expanded to include the duo and Taylor Hale.

Due to protection from the group and his mounting wins, Michael avoided nomination. When Kyle blew up the Leftovers by exposing them to Dyre Fest HOH Terrance Higgins during the Split House twist, it resulted in the eviction of Joseph and the formation of the After Party (Turner, Terrance, Kyle, and his girlfriend, Alyssa Snider).

Turner remained loyal to the new group by nominating Taylor and Brittany, tipping Michael off to his true intent of backdooring him. Once Michael had protection, he went to work to flip the house against Kyle by revealing his pitch to team up against the non-white houseguests, assuming they were secretly working together, similar to the Cookout.

Michael evicted during Week 10

The revelation upset Monte, who worked closely with Kyle in the Pound, Taylor, who planned to stay loyal to the Leftovers, and Terrance, who felt used to target Joseph.

Therefore, Turner nominated his final two partner as a replacement, effectively leading to his eviction. Sensing himself becoming a larger target, Michael saved himself by winning HOH and secured his nominations by winning the Veto.


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Even though he had the option of backdooring Turner, the only other houseguest close to him in competition wins, Michael stuck with his promise not to target him, wanting to prove that releasing the information about Kyle had nothing to do with the game.

However, his move backfired as Turner became the outgoing HOH during the double eviction. When Monte saved Alyssa with the POV, Turner took the opportunity to take out the biggest threat in the game. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.