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Big Brother 24 houseguest Michael Bruner’s historic run ended during the second half of the double eviction. Before he left, he gave an epic speech before sprinting out of the house. 

Fans think Michael Bruner had one of the most iconic exits in ‘Big Brother’ history

When Matt “Turner” backdoored Michael Bruner during the second half of the double eviction, Michael knew his time would likely come to an end.

Therefore, he went out swinging by throwing his close ally Brittany Hoopes under the bus, who was also a nominee.

Michael called her out for leaking information and forming several alliances while promising he would team up with the voters Alyssa Snider and Taylor Hale to go after frontrunners Monte Taylor and Turner. His plea didn’t work, as they still unanimously voted him out, but it hurt Brittany’s feelings which later claimed she wouldn’t have turned on him.

After learning he would join the jury next, Michael asked the houseguests to remain seated as he ran out. Many fans, including players still in the game, referred to his exit as one of the most iconic in franchise history.

Ronnie Talbott and Dani Briones also had memorable exits

Other players that have left the house memorably include Big Brother 11 Chima Simone, who was eventually expelled after she purposefully broke several rules, believing the producers manipulated the game.

Her antics before getting kicked out of the game, which included talking back to the person over the intercom and refusing to put on her microphone, even throwing it in the pool at one point, cemented her exit as an unforgettable one.

She also had an iconic eviction speech during Week 1 when she called out Braden Bacha for his racially insensitive comments. Ronnie Talbott of the same season gave a memorable speech during Week 4 when he knew he would get evicted.

The Brains member initially thanked everyone before infamously calling Michele Noonan the worst person he had ever met. During her second time competing in season 13, Dani Briones went out by putting a target on Jeff Schroeder’s and Jordan Lloyd’s backs, noting the other houseguests were handing them the checks.

Other memorable exits include Kyland Young

Season 15’s Candice Stewart got into a fight with Gina Marie Zimmerman during her eviction speech, memorably requiring host Julie Chen Moonves to step in and calm the ladies down.

During BB17, Vanessa Rousso memorably blindsided ally a barefoot and pajama-wearing Austin Matelson, who stormed out of the house, and BB18’s Michelle “Big Meech” Meyer ran out before insulting other houseguests and grabbing Paul Abrahamian’s notable duck floatie on her way out of the door.


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Most recently, Kyland Young had an unforgettable exit as he brought up Xavier Prather’s dead brother after the eventual winner betrayed him.

Xavier had mentioned wanting to be a good role model for his late brother’s son, and Kyland questioned it upon his exit, leading to a tense yet memorable moment. Where does Michael’s exit sit on this list? Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.