‘Big Brother 24’: Michael Calls out Alyssa for Crying About Kyle’s Offensive Plan

The Big Brother 24 houseguests are reeling after a serious accusation is made against Kyle Capener. Michael Bruner talks about Alyssa Snider’s interesting reaction given what she knew about Kyle.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Aug. 30, 2022.] 

Michael and Brittany put a target on Kyle on ‘Big Brother 24’

Matt “Turner” is Head of Household this week. His original plan was to backdoor Michael and put Taylor Hale and Brittany Hoopes on the block. That plan backfired when Michael won Power of Veto.

Michael’s goal is to backdoor Kyle. He did that by telling houseguests in separate conversations that Kyle was worried the people of color were working together. Kyle wanted to make a white alliance to target them.

This was shocking to Taylor, Terrance Higgins, and Monte Taylor. Alyssa also acted shocked by this and cried. However, Kyle did talk to her about this worry.

One day they were hanging out in bed. “Monte, Joseph, Taylor, Terrance, Jasmine, like that group could be dangerous,” he told her.

Michael used the veto on Brittany. Turner put Kyle on the block.

Michael calls out Alyssa for crying about Kyle’s offensive plan

Michael, Taylor, and Michael hung out by the pool on Aug. 30. The conversation went to how everyone is reacting to the news about Kyle.

“I still don’t know how to feel about Alyssa,” Michael told Taylor and Brittany. “Like when she cried, I do think she’s genuinely is an emotional person, but seeing, knowing that she is in on whatever this week was and then crying about being left in the dark and alone and not knowing what’s going on. It’s hard to know if those are real and like I don’t wanna…I don’t know.”

“Roll your eyes or brush it off,” Taylor added. “I have learned, I have learned not to be concerned about white women’s tears. So you know, feel your feelings, but I’m not responsible for them.”

Brittany said she gets so paranoid. But all they need is Michael, herself, and Monte for votes. 

Are Alyssa and Kyle still together?

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Alyssa and Kyle started a showmance this season. He fought hard to keep her in the game when The Leftovers were ready to cut her loose.

But after Kyle was called out, they have noticeably been more distant. On Aug. 30, Alyssa told Turner they didn’t officially break up. But she told Kyle she’ll think about it and give him an answer on if they’re done before Thursday. She is leaning toward breaking up with him.