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Big Brother includes aspects of houseguest’s lives as inspiration for their BB Comic. Michael Bruner talked about the meaning behind Kyle Capener’s and proposed it should’ve had a different name.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Sept. 8, 2022.] 

BB Comics turned Kyle Capener into Re-Kyle Dysfunction

Kyle started the season flirting with Alyssa Snider. They started a showmance. Then he asked her to be his girlfriend. Kyle talked about his attraction to her in the diary room, saying he was so horny.

The show revealed their first kiss, but on the live feeds, Alyssa told Matt “Turner” they had sex. Kyle and Alyssa broke up before his eviction last week.

She competed in BB Comics in the Sept. 7 episode. The TikToker was portrayed as a reptilian man with the words, “Rep-Kyle Dysfunction.”

“Wow, look at that tongue on Kyle,” Alyssa said in the diary room. “I’m the only one who can say this for sure, but Kyle does not have a curvy tongue.”

Michael comes up with Speedy Rep-Kyle on ‘Big Brother 24’ live feeds

Michael Bruner is dressed with a cape for BB Comics and has his hands on his cheeks on 'Big Brother 24'.
Michael Bruner on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On Sept. 8, Michael, Turner, and Taylor Hale talked in the HOH room about BB Comics. “I wanna know about Kyle’s like do you really think that’s like was that based on fact?” Michael asked them. “I don’t think Alyssa would say if it was,” Turner answered.

“But it sounds like things have happened with them, which would imply it’s not true,” Michael pushed on. Turner said Alyssa would tell him about their relationship. 

“I think from what she said, she was like, ‘I don’t understand the comic because if anything, it was the exact opposite,’” Taylor later claimed. “Like he was too sensitive around her.”

“Oh god,” Turner said. “That’s also bad.” Taylor claimed Alyssa revealed Kyle didn’t even want to touch her shoulder in fear of getting too excited.

“Speedy Rep-Kyle,” Michael said while laughing. Turner again said that was worse. “Significantly worse potentially,” Taylor said. “So maybe it’s dysfunction in that way.”

Brittany’s comic also confused ‘Big Brother 24’ houseguests


All the ‘Big Brother 24’ Subtle Nods to Kyle and Alyssa’s Hookup

Brittany Hoopes was portrayed as a flea with the words, “Britt-Flea.” This confused houseguests for some time.

But Terrance Higgins caught on to what it meant in a conversation with Taylor. He said fleas attach themselves and get carried. Producers played the “Zing!” noise to confirm this.

Michael also told Turner and Taylor that he didn’t understand Brittany’s comic. “I don’t get it…like latching onto something?” Michael asked them. “Like…being carried around? Is that it? Did I get there?”

Turner confirmed it was about getting carried. Taylor said it was brutal.