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The beginning of Big Brother 24 was rough for Taylor Hale. But luckily, she has stayed in the game, and some houseguests are apologizing for their behavior. This is what Monte Taylor had to say about not believing her in week 1.

Paloma tried to turn the ‘Big Brother 24’ house against Taylor

Paloma Aguilar formed the Girls’ Girls alliance with all of the women except for Taylor and Nicole Layog. Taylor overheard Paloma’s plan to target the guys, and she warned Monte. He was suspicious and checked the info with Paloma. She lied and effectively painted Taylor as a liar and a bully.

Paloma later self-evicted. After a few weeks, The Leftovers formed and included Tayor. That’s when Monte and Taylor became closer. 

Monte apologizes to Taylor for accusing her of lying

Monte and Taylor talked on Aug. 18 live feeds about the first week in the Head of Household (HOH) room. “It kinda brings me back to the first week, like when you told me about Paloma,” he told her. “Again, like I just want to apologize ‘cause like I think in that moment it was so easy especially since I walked in with Paloma and all of them. Kyle [Capener] and Jasmine [Davis] to just assume you know we been talking throughout this period.” 

“I wouldn’t have any suspicion of her working with anybody else,” he continued. “But since it was the first time we been talking game, I just–it just felt like I don’t know if I could believe this. Let me go back to her and ask her about it. And honestly, I still–it still could have been believable. But the way she blew it up afterward. Like the writing was sort of on the wall that she was clearly upset with you about you telling me the truth. And I guess she convinced everybody in the house to sort of believe that narrative that ‘Oh, Taylor’s talking sh*t about Paloma.’ When actually you were telling the truth.”

Taylor told Monte when he watches it back, he’ll see her trying to help him. “I’m gonna feel like an idiot,” the personal trainer said. They both laughed. “You know you need to get humbled every now and then,” he added.

The Leftovers might be in danger soon

Taylor Hale looks at Monte Taylor as they sit next to each other in the 'Big Brother 24' living room.
Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

‘Big Brother’ Alums Call Paloma ‘Ignorant’ After Doubling Down on Taylor Accusations

The Leftovers have stayed in power for the last four weeks. But that all might change soon.

Tonight someone will be evicted from the game. The house will then be split into two with two HOHs and evictions. This means the alliance might also be split and could even turn on each other. Monte has been a target on the other side for some time, so he could be in danger.