‘Big Brother 24’: Monte Tells Brittany Exposing Kyle Didn’t ‘Risk’ Her Game Like She Says

Big Brother houseguests had a serious conversation about racism a few weeks ago. Monte Taylor confronted Brittany Hoopes about how she handled exposing Kyle Capener, which ruined her plans to work with him.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Sept. 11, 2022.] 

Monte tells Brittany exposing Kyle earlier on ‘Big Brother 24’ wasn’t risky for her 

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Brittany won the veto, so she’s safe this week. But she’s been pushing for Monte to put Matt “Turner” on the block instead of Taylor Hale. She told Monte he should do this as a sign of trust for her and Taylor.

On Sept. 11, Monte, Taylor, and Brittany sat in the Head of Household room. Monte brought up how Brittany and Michael Bruner waited to expose Kyle when Taylor, someone on their side, was in danger of going home. Exposing him successfully got Kyle evicted.

“It wasn’t as if something miraculous happened when he was there versus when we were in Big Bro Chella,” Monte said. “What were we gonna do with that information that would have put you guys at risk if you would’ve shared it? To me, it was just a mistrust thing.” 

“It was just a ‘Why should we share this with them if it’s not gonna benefit anything?’” he continued. “In that moment, when you guys did, it totally benefitted the situation. Kyle goes up so that he is the clear target for that week because of everything that’s going down. And the risk to your game is essentially nothing because, granted, Turner was insulated the following week, but was that the terms that he made in order to do it?”

Brittany and Taylor said yes. Monte continued giving reasons for why he didn’t trust Brittany.

Monte calls out Brittany for her other manipulative moves

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“Even in the recent conversations that we have, it’s an ultimatum if I don’t put up Turner then, you know, you’re gonna reconsider the way you would vote next week,” the personal trainer later said. 

“Whether it be you mentioning that, you know, second place would be fine because you only need a certain amount for you to go through with the things you need to go through for your childbirth,” he continued. “Which I respect 100 percent, but then to bring that personal stuff into a conversation about game just doesn’t feel appropriate to me, to be honest.”

Monte said it was absurd Brittany wanted him to make a deal for him to “earn” his trust with her. He admitted he also lost his patience with it.

Brittany claimed the reason it took her so long to come forward about Kyle was that it was bigger than the game. She claimed this scenario was the reason they were hesitant to come forward and again said it wasn’t a good game move.

How Brittany responded to Monte

Monte Taylor looks serious while wearing a hat and hoodie on 'Big Brother 24'.
Monte Taylor on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Taylor chimed in and said she feels differently about Brittany and Michael’s timing with the information on Kyle. “But I can not say that Monte is wrong or incorrect in feeling the way that he feels,” she said.

“Absolutely, and I’m not saying that it’s wrong either,” Brittany said. “Everyone is entitled to feel how they feel, and I appreciate that that you guys are explaining that to me. I just wanna point out that a lot of the things that you’re mentioning–and I totally understand how they’re all being viewed through the game lens. That those decisions are being viewed through a game lens when the decisions were being made not in a game lens in many, in most majority of those aspects.”

Brittany later cried to Taylor privately. She said she was OK with losing Michael because she thought she had other people in the game. Now that she knows Monte distrusts her, she feels like her other people aren’t there.

In the end, Taylor and Alyssa Snider will go on the block. Alyssa will be going this week. Monte prefers to move forward with Turner and Taylor. But who wins the competitions next will determine if Brittany will ruin that plan.

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