‘Big Brother 24’: Monte and Taylor Learns About Kyle’s Plan, ‘This Is America’

Many Big Brother live feed fans were glued to the feeds this week. But multiple moments were cut. The new episode revealed Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale learning about Kyle Capener’s racist plan.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Aug. 31, 2022.]

The veto changed the plan for the week

The episode on Aug. 31 started with Taylor and Brittany Hoopes on the block. Michael Bruner knew this meant Matt “Turner” was going to backdoor him and hoped to win the veto.

In the end, everyone but Terrance Higgins and Kyle played in the slip-and-slide competition. Michael was the first one to finish and won the veto.

He told Brittany that they should no longer protect Kyle since he was targeting them. “About two weeks ago, Brittany and I realized we had the same feelings about some of the theories Kyle had about what was going on in the house,” Michael said in the diary room.

A clip showed Kyle listing Joseph Abdin, Monte, and Taylor having strong connections with Indy Santos, Terrance, and Jasmine Davis. “I mean, it looks very similar to The Cookout,” he said. They decided to tell Monte and Taylor.

‘Big Brother 24’ reveals Monte and Taylor learning about Kyle’s plan

Brittany and Michael had that conversation with Monte and Taylor in the Have-Not room after the competition. “During my HOH week, Kyle was saying that I see that Monte, Taylor, and Joseph are really close, and from The Leftovers, I see them as a side,” Michael said. “Then he started to talk a little bit more about, well, you know, The Cookout last year they both had a unifying goal, and that really brought people together. Then he said specifically Terrance, Indy, Jasmine would be more likely to go with that side. So we, me, you Brittany, Turner, and Alyssa should come together.”

Taylor and Monte looked hurt by this. Brittany claimed they didn’t know how to handle this information because it was beyond game and “ugly.”

“I’m shaking,” Taylor said. “This is crazy.” Monte said, “This is America. I mean, this is sadly the world that we live in.”

Brittany and Taylor later told the rest of the house about this with Taylor and Monte’s permission. Kyle caught onto this.

The episode ended with Kyle denying it

Taylor Hale looks at Monte Taylor as they sit next to each other in the 'Big Brother 24' living room.
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Kyle left to talk in the diary room at the end of the episode. “Hey, so um, something’s going on right now even the hint of race being a factor is like the most concerning thing for me,” he said. “Because never would that cross my mind. They’re obviously using things that I’ve said and twisting them. That’s a line that I would never cross.”

The TikToker started crying. The next episode will show the house meeting that was hidden from the live feeds, who goes on the block and the eviction.