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The evicted houseguests of Big Brother 24 are addressing some of their comments on the live feeds. Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli had a lot to say about the comments he made about Taylor Hale behind her back.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on July 27, 2022.]

Pooch failed at targeting Taylor in ‘Big Brother 24’

Joe 'Pooch' Pucciarelli and Taylor Hale
Joe ‘Pooch’ Pucciarelli and Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

Most of the house wanted Taylor out of the game. Pooch offered himself as a pawn to backdoor Taylor. Jasmine Davis put him on the block next to Taylor instead. Ameerah Jones then changed to plan to evict Pooch instead of Taylor.

Pooch made assumptions about Taylor on the live feeds. “I also think she’s showing more of her true colors,” the assistant coach once told Kyle Capener. “Whoever puts her up, it’s gonna be a loud week. A loud f*cking week.”

Taylor was on the block twice and never yelled at anyone. Many fans noticed this bold assumption of a Black woman falls into a stereotype.

Pooch addresses saying Taylor would explode on the block

Pooch returned to social media after his eviction. On July 27, he shared his reaction to the episode where Daniel Durston yelled at Taylor.

“Okay this is tough to watch… I was not in the house for this situation and have love for Daniel and Nicole; like I do for everyone in that house… BUT I absolutely disagree with them in this instance and think Taylor was just truly worried about Nicole and her moms situation,” he tweeted.

Many fans replied, calling Pooch out for his own comments about Taylor behind her back on the live feeds. “You also contributed to this week one by telling daniel that taylor is loud and would explode on the block in the HOH room,” one fan tweeted. “Taylor speaks her mind just like I do!!! Which is a major reason I’m sitting here tweeting and not in the house anymore. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SPEAKING YOUR MIND, but it absolutely puts a target on your back,” the assistant football coach replied.

He then tweeted, “Just like I never got loud, but people said id [sic] lose my mind and blow up leaving the house because I have a big personality! You don’t see me crying!!! I understand the houseguest trying to overexaggerate my personality was part of the game in that instance.”

Pooch denies making racist microaggressions


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The evicted houseguest addressed the many fans who accused him of microaggressions against the pageant queen. “Hahaha yes ik me wanting Taylor out of the house because of ‘micro aggressions’ and not because I made an all guys alliance and new taylor was one of the strongest woman in the house and would be extremely hard to get out of this game. MAKES SENSE!!!” he tweeted.

Some fans weren’t buying it because Taylor hasn’t been winning competitions. “Truly don’t think you need to be great at competitions to be labeled as a strong competitor. Me and Taylor both compete for a living. Myself as a football coach & Taylor as high level pageant contestant. Strong competitors just have a GREAT drive to want to win,” Pooch tweeted in response to this.

So Pooch is denying accusations from fans and isn’t the only one. Paloma Aguilar returned to Instagram and made a statement that is making many fans angry.