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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for 7/6/2022 Live Feeds.]

Host Julie Chen Moonves has already teased a hint for Big Brother 24 in which non-nominated Houseguests can still find themselves voted out on eviction night. The Diary Room producers might have already accidentally spoiled the twist when clarifying to Alyssa Snider and Paloma Aguilar.

Julie Chen Moonves previously teased a ‘Big Brother 24’ twist

Shortly before Big Brother 24 kicked off, host Julie Chen Moonves spoke to Us Weekly, where she revealed a twist that would “last for the first half of the summer.”

According to Moonves, Houseguests who typically wouldn’t be eligible for eviction might get “bounced” during the first live eviction night.

She claimed the players won’t know about the twist until the night. However, the host will fill the audience in shortly before the cast.

Moonves didn’t reveal anything more about the new twist except that it can only stay in effect for at least half the season due to numbers.

Alyssa Snider and Paloma Aguilar were invited ‘backstage’ during the opening competition

During the premiere, the Houseguests faced off in three different “festival-themed” competitions, with the winners advancing to the next round, where they played for the Head of Household.

Vegas performer Daniel Durston, personal trainer Monte Taylor, and thrift store owner Matt “Turner” battled it out where Daniel came out on top, becoming the season’s first HOH.

Assistant football coach Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli randomly became the Backstage Boss, making him ineligible to compete or vote on eviction night. However, he had safety. Pooch then had to choose three Houseguests to join him, who also couldn’t compete or vote.

On the other hand, they weren’t guaranteed safety. He selected those who were eliminated from the opening challenges first, naming marketing representative Alyssa Snider and interior designer Paloma Aguilar. Additionally, Pooch settled on hypnotherapist Brittany Hoopes because she “stood out” to him. 

Producers might have accidentally spoiled a twist when clarifying to Alyssa and Paloma

Even though Alyssa and Paloma’s games might be a risk due to their “backstage” status, the two have formed a close bond, already agreeing to a final two, and began formulating their plan to advance to the end.

The two decided to create an alliance with at least six members to protect themselves and started naming who they wanted to work with in the competition. During their conversation, the two shared their confusion over their “backstage” status.


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The Houseguests pointed out that the producers in the Diary Room clarified that the three can’t participate in the competitions, vote on eviction night, or get nominated. However, they were told they weren’t necessarily safe. Diary Room production might have accidentally spilled the beans about the twist when clarifying their status to the Houseguests.

Although Moonves didn’t elaborate, the twist does involve the possibility of a non-nominee getting voted out on eviction night. While Alyssa and Paloma seemingly haven’t fully figured it out, the producers clarifying that they can’t get nominated but can get evicted somewhat exposed the twist before eviction night. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.