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Big Brother live feed fans are used to being able to check in on the house at any moment. But they were left in the dark part of this week and had to rely on the episode to reveal how Kyle Capener became a replacement nominee.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Aug. 24, 2022.] 

Terrance became HOH on ‘Big Brother 24’

Terrance Higgins came in second in the last Head of Household (HOH) competition. He became HOH of Dyre Fest and got to pick the houseguests that would stay with him outside.

He chose Kyle, Alyssa Snider, Matt “Turner” Turner, and Joseph Abdin. Terrance made it known he wanted to make a big move. Joseph was his target, but he was going to put Kyle and Alyssa on the block first.

Kyle scrambled to keep them safe. He outed The Leftovers alliance to Terrance and pitched working with him moving forward. Terrance nominated Turner and Joseph on the block.

‘Big Brother 24’ reveals how Kyle became the replacement nominee

Unfortunately, outdoor live feeds were down, so fans couldn’t watch everything leading up to the veto competition or the veto ceremony. There is a rumor someone yelled information to the houseguests over the wall. So music was playing to avoid outside noise, and a tarp was put up to cover the backyard.

The Aug. 24 episode revealed some of what happened during that time. Kyle said winning the veto was the safest route to save his game for the week. But knows if he doesn’t use it to save Turner or Kyle, then he has a lot to explain to The Leftovers.

Terrance won the competition. Joseph told Kyle that he would tell Terrance to keep him on the block and put up Alyssa. 

Kyle had a private conversation with Terrance to talk about Joseph’s upcoming pitch to attack the showmance. The TikToker revealed the name of The Leftovers to the HOH.

Joseph warned Terrance that if he came back with the showmance, he would be in trouble. Terrance asked why Joseph was protecting Kyle instead of Alyssa. He then revealed Kyle had ruined his game. “He definitely didn’t protect you, bro,” Terrance said.

Terrance hopes to get more secrets from Joseph and Kyle

Kyle Capener sits in the backyard and cringes with his arms over his head on 'Big Brother 24'.
Kyle Capener on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

All the ‘Big Brother 24’ Subtle Nods to Kyle and Alyssa’s Hookup

Terrance mentioned he’s from Chicago and isn’t a fan of snitches. In the diary room, he said he wanted to stir the pot and pit those two against each other.

The episode ended with him using the veto on Turner and replacing him with Kyle. “Kyle, Joseph, I think that this would give us great time and dialogue to talk openly about moving forward,” he told them.

“These kids have been spilling secrets all over the place,” Terrance said in the diary room. “And now that I got two big threats on the block, oh my goodness, what other secrets are they gonna tell me?”

So the show didn’t acknowledge the wall yeller possibly affecting the game. The show used Terrance’s hunt for more secrets as the reason for a change in his plan.