‘Big Brother 24’: What the Second Jury Segment Reveals About Jury Votes

Big Brother 24 will come down to jury votes, so where are the houseguests leaning? We got another jury segment, and this is what it reveals about who could possibly win.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Sept. 22, 2022.] 

How the first ‘Big Brother 24’ jury segment played out

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Indy Santos, Joseph Abdin, and Jasmine Davis were in the first jury segment. Indy talked about not trusting Brittany Hoopes or Kyle Capener.

Joseph was evicted during Dyre Fest. So it wasn’t surprising that he said he was rooting for the Bro Chella group.

Jasmine said, “I think Taylor [Hale] is in the best position,” and thought it was possible she’d make it to the end. 

What the second jury segment reveals about ‘Big Brother 24’ jury votes

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The Sept. 22 episode showed Terrance Higgins and Michael Bruner joining the jury house together and watching the week back with everyone. Jasmine was impressed by Matt “Turner” Turner’s Head of Household win. 

“Turner, he really is a good competitor, and it takes me a lot to give the boy a compliment to be real,” she said. “But Turner is running it right now. It’s crazy.”

Joseph and Kyle cheered for Monte Taylor’s Power of Veto win. Terrance said he credits the move to backdoor Michael to Monte. 

Michael learned in Turner’s goodbye that he wasn’t taking credit for his backdoor. So he wants to vote for someone who plays a strong game and owns it. That would lean toward Monte.

Alyssa Snider then joined the jury house. Kyle said Monte is in the best position after his HOH win and has a great social game. Joseph asked why Monte put Taylor on the block. Alyssa explained Monte had a gentleman’s agreement with Turner. 

She also revealed Taylor slept in Monte’s bed for three days and knew he was going to evict Alyssa after the split vote. Everyone seemed shocked by this.

Who joins Taylor and Monte for the ‘Big Brother’ finale?

Matthew Turner sits in the bathroom on 'Big Brother 24'.
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Taylor won Head of Household, winning herself a spot in the finale. Monte won Power of Veto, and he got to evict either Brittany or Turner.

Monte said the best decision for his game was voting to evict Brittany. That means Turner is the third person going to the finale.

Brittany admitted to Julie Chen Moonves that this move made sense. He’s closer to Turner, and she could’ve “crushed” him in the final competitions.

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