‘Big Brother 24’ Spoiler: Taylor Is Working on a ‘Spicy’ Speech for Nicole

Big Brother 24 already had a few messy speeches this season. Fans might get another one, and it involves Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Aug. 2, 2022.]

Festie Besties Taylor and Nicole’s ‘Big Brother 24’ relationship is complicated

Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog, who are 'Big Brother 24' Festie Besties, sit next to each other.
Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog | Photo: CBS

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There is a new twist called Festie Besties, where each houseguest had to play the game with at least one other person. Nicole picked Taylor because they don’t have the same alliances. If they’re ever on the block together, hopefully, they’ll have the votes to evict the other.

Last week Nicole was ready to throw the veto, so they’ll go on the block and evict Taylor. However, the veto was used to take down Brittany Hoopes and Michael Brurner. Matt “Turner” Turner backdoored Ameerah Jones, and The Leftovers (which includes Taylor) evicted Ameerah.

Nicole and Taylor also have a bad personal relationship. Nicole accused Taylor of being passive-aggressive when Taylor said to put her mental health before Taylor’s game. Daniel Durston then told Taylor not to speak to him until finale night and unfairly blamed her for Paloma Aguilar’s self-eviction.

Taylor reveals part of her spicy speech for Nicole on ‘Big Brother 24’

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Brittany was talking to Taylor on Aug. 2 about people who were bullying her earlier in the game. Taylor hinted that her speech on eviction night would allude to that.

“Wanna hear the opening line of my speech?” Taylor asked Brittany. “Oh my god, please tell me,” she said. 

“I obviously have to work through it. It’s real spicy right now. But I’m thinking of starting with, ‘Houseguests specifically Nicole, to quote a BB superfan Rihanna you look so dumb right now,’” Taylor said. They both started laughing.

“I’m glad you’re sharing this with me now because I [motions to her jaw-dropping and picking it up],” Brittany said. “You’re too good.” She added that Taylor deserves this.

“Well, we’ll get there,” Taylor said. “But if that’s just the opening and we–when we vote. It’s gonna be a spicy HOH battle.”

Brittany added they have to be prepared because Daniel will be fired up to win Head of Household (HOH) after losing Nicole. She added that he is an emotional player and his move to use the veto was illogical. 

How did Taylor and Nicole get on the block?

Monte Taylor won HOH this week, which is great for The Leftovers. He nominated Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos, then let Taylor decide if she wanted to backdoor Nicole.

Daniel used the veto even after Monte warned him he didn’t have the votes. The musician believed Monte was trying to trick him. Monte then replaced them with Nicole and Taylor with the plan to evict Nicole.

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