‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: Brittany Intends to Do ‘Everything’ to Help Taylor Win: ‘She Deserves It’

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoiler ahead for Big Brother 24 Week 11 Power of Veto winner.]

Big Brother 24 houseguest Brittany Hoopes might be out of the door next. But first, she wants to do “everything” to help Taylor Hale win.

Monte Taylor will probably vote to evict Brittany Hoopes

Head of Household Taylor Hale nominated Brittany Hoopes and Matt “Turner” for eviction, hoping the former would join her and Monte Taylor in the final three.

However, Monte won the Power of Veto and almost immediately made it clear that he had no intention of keeping Brittany. The Delaware native considered her untrustworthy and believed he had a better chance of making the final two if he evicted her.

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Even though she knew where they stood, Brittany attempted to convince Monte to keep her in the house by pointing out that he had a better chance of winning the last competitions against her.

She also noted that he would have a more difficult time facing off against him in front of the jury as they played a similar game. While he agreed with a few of her points, it seems as though Monte has made up his mind. 

Brittany Hoopes wants to help Taylor Hale win ‘Big Brother 24’

Speaking out loud in the bedroom, Brittany talked about her intent to remain friends with Taylor after the show, noting she didn’t believe the Michigan-based stylist would get upset once she found out that Brittany lied about voting against her.

Instead, she thinks Taylor will “understand” that she was playing the game. Her tone then changed, seemingly getting a little emotional as Brittany fantasized about making it to the final two with Taylor.

The houseguest noted she would have “loved” for it to happen, adding she wouldn’t have cared if Taylor won over her.

Brittany continued, claiming she hopes her Leftover ally walks away with the win, adding that she plans to do “everything I possibly can to help her,” noting, “she deserves it.” Additionally, Brittany doesn’t think the title and $750,000 should go to either Monte or Turner.

Brittany thinks it would be ‘unsatisfying’ if Monte won

Upset with Monte as she knew he would save Turner over her, Brittany vented to Taylor in the HOH room. She threatened not to vote for Monte because he would take away her “lifelong dream” and “ability to start a family” if he voted her out of the house.

The Austin-based hypnotherapist has revealed she plans to use the money she wins from the game to have a baby with her husband as she has a medical condition that makes it hard for her to conceive naturally. Brittany continued, referring to his game as “mid” and “soggy” because she believes he got carried by Michael Bruner’s historic competition wins.

She also claimed that he would have gone home had they not revealed Kyle Capener’s offensive theory that the non-white houseguests secretly aligned, resulting in his backdoor. Brittany reiterated her belief that Monte didn’t have an “impressive” run in the house, calling it “unsatisfying” if he did win. She encouraged Taylor to end up in the final two seats, guaranteeing her vote if she did, as the Austin native didn’t want to pick between Turner or Monte.

Additionally, Brittany pointed out that she believes Monte is trying to “take credit” for other players’ moves, noting he only won a “random veto” to secure Michael’s eviction. Finally, the houseguest claimed she would poison the jury against Monte. Many fans hope she uses the Roundtable discussion to sway the jurors’ minds as they also don’t want to see him take home the check. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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