‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: Why Many Fans Are Changing Their Opinion of Joseph Abdin

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Live Feeds until 7/22/2022.]

When lawyer Joseph Abdin replaced Marvin Achi shortly following the Big Brother 24 cast reveal, many fans initially called him “boring” and weren’t looking forward to seeing him compete. However, they began changing their minds when he got closer to Taylor Hale. After the Week 2 eviction, Joseph has seemingly changed fans’ opinions of him by figuring out who engineered a blindside. His revelation led to the creation of The Leftovers alliance, which many fans are already rooting for.

Joseph Abdin wanted to target whoever engineered Pooch Pucciarelli’s eviction

Following Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli’s unanimous eviction, his close ally Matt “Turner” won Head of Household and had revenge on his mind.

Several Houseguests mentioned public enemy number one, Taylor Hale, as the mastermind, insisting she engineered the blindside.

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However, Joseph Abdin, who was also closely aligned with Pooch, didn’t buy it. After Turner nominated Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes with the intention of backdooring Taylor, the Florida-based lawyer talked to him, Monte Taylor, and Kyle Capener.

The 24-year-old called whoever masterminded Pooch’s eviction dangerous due to their ability to sway the votes to keep Taylor, who has remained the biggest target in the house for two weeks.

Joseph figured out Ameerah Jones masterminded the flip

Ameerah Jones, who actually did engineer the blindside, eventually got brought up in the conversation, as the guys referred to her as a “machine” who would likely do anything to win.

Joseph agreed with the group, pointing out that she could win the competition. They continued talking and realized that the girls had already begun taking shots while the guys focused on getting rid of smaller targets.

Joseph also pointed out that Pooch told Ameerah who he wanted out of the house and noted they found out soon after, which ultimately led to the flip against him.

The lawyer claimed he realized Ameerah masterminded it when she got upset following Turner’s win, as she assumed he would target her due to her involvement in Pooch’s exit. Therefore, Joseph pushed for Ameerah’s immediate backdoor, sparing Taylor another week. He admitted he thought she deserved a chance to prove herself, echoing the sentiments of many fans.

The Leftovers was created, and plans to backdoor Ameerah

After discovering Ameerah as the culprit, he and the guys began figuring out a way to blindside her without revealing the actual reason, pointing out it would draw lines. They decided to bring nominees Michael and Brittany into the mix, noting the latter didn’t have many choices, and Taylor, who they needed as a number.

The seven (Monte, Kyle, Joseph, Turner, Michael, Brittany, and Taylor) formed The Leftovers and planned to flip the house against Ameerah. As Brittany and Michael won the Power of Veto, the latter’s third in a row, the power is in the hands of the alliance and HOH, who must name a replacement.

It’s likely the group will continue working with each other past this week. Many Live Feed viewers expressed excitement over the new alliance, claiming it’s one of the only ones they’re rooting for in the competition.

The group combines fan favorites, including Brittany, who America voted to save during Week 1’s Backstage twist, Michael, a superfan, and Taylor, who many Houseguests have ostracized from the beginning. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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