‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: Houseguest Plans to Give the Jury a Message Through Veto Speech

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Week 9 Head of Household winner, nominations, and Power of Veto results.]

Big Brother 24 houseguest Terrance Higgins has threatened to poison the jury against Michael Bruner. Therefore, the Wisconsin native plans to get ahead of it by communicating directly to the jurors through his Power of Veto speech.

Michael Bruner plans to give the jury a message through Veto speech

Following the unanimous eviction of Kyle Capener, the houseguests faced off in the next Head of Household competition. Michael Bruner came out on top, winning his third HOH of the season.

Despite wanting to turn on Matt “Turner” the week before, Michael promised him safety after his former ally agreed to backdoor Kyle. Even though Monte Taylor is ready to turn on the comp beast, Michael wants to stay Leftovers strong and nominated only remaining outsiders Terrance Higgins and Alyssa Snider for eviction.

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Upset by his nomination, Terrance threatened to turn the jury against Michael by pointing out the suspicious timing in him, revealing Kyle’s pitch for an alliance against the non-white houseguests, assuming they were secretly aligned. After Michael won Power of Veto, breaking the record for the most POV wins in a season, he toyed with the idea of not using it so he could give a speech.

Michael plans to take the time to talk directly to the jurors by checking Terrance for his threats to poison the jury against him. As a superfan, the Wisconsin native knows those voting will hear it when watching the episode back. Therefore, he’s debating with revealing Terrance’s claims to go to the jury with the intention of tainting it against him to give the jurors a heads up and get ahead of the situation.

Terrance Higgins doesn’t think Michael or Brittany Hoopes should win

In a conversation with Monte following his nomination, the Chicago native pointed out Michael’s jury management skills, noting things he believes the Wisconsin-based lawyer will “have to answer for” when it came to exposing Kyle.

Terrance continued, claiming he planned to go to the jury and bring up the “ugly, disgusting gameplay.”

Additionally, he proclaimed that neither Michael nor Brittany Hoopes, who also waited to share information on Kyle’s plan, deserved to win.

While Monte agreed that Kyle was wrong, he also pointed out that the two needed to “speak up to white America” regarding the damage of remaining silent. He agreed that Michael shouldn’t win the game because they used the situation as a “game move.” Finally, he noted that Michael and Brittany received harsh zings from Zingbot, likely representing how the audience views them.

Terrance thinks Michael and Brittany deserve the same blame as Kyle Capener

Terrance also talked to Taylor Hale, who is closely aligned with Michael and Brittany, wanting her to turn on the trio.

He pointed out the two already knew the information before the Split House twist and claimed he feels as though they are taking Taylor “on a ride,” referring to it as “manipulative.”

Terrance continued, calling them just as fault as Kyle for holding on to the situation and using it as a game move. Therefore, he doesn’t believe they deserve to win the game and would vote for anyone sitting next to either.

In a later conversation with Alyssa, the Chicago native admitted he thinks it’s “f—– up” that Kyle was the only one called out for the situation. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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