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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Week 7 nominations and Power of Veto results.]

For the new twist, the Big Brother 24 Houseguests play two different games in separate groups, culminating in two new Jurors by the end of the week. Therefore, the seven-person dominating alliance, The Leftovers, must split up. Will the group survive the twist?

‘Big Brother 24’ Split House twist groups

Following Indy Santos’ exit, host Julie Chen Moonves revealed the new Split House Double Eviction twist to the remaining 10 Houseguests.

For the week, the house will divide into two even groups of five and play different full games of Big Brother (including Head of Households, nominations, Power of Veto competitions, and evictions), sending two people to join Indy in the Jury House.

However, the groups cannot have communication with each other. Michael Bruner won HOH, becoming the Big BroChella HOH, held inside, and Terrance Higgins placed second, placing him HOH of Dyre Fest, which takes place outside.

The HOHs selected their groups by schoolyard pick, with Michael taking Jasmine first, followed by Leftover allies Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, and Monte Taylor. On the other hand, Terrance went with Matt “Turner,” Alyssa Snider, Joseph Abdin, and Alyssa’s showmance partner, Kyle Capener. In Big BroChella, Jasmine is the clear target as everyone else is aligned through the Leftovers. However, if she wins Power of Veto, Michael is willing to take a shot at Monte, who he considers a huge threat.

Who are the nominees during the Split House twist?

Michael nominated Jasmine alongside Monte, who offered to sit on the block as a pawn. Brittany won the Power of Veto and will likely keep nominations the same. Therefore, with Brittany and Taylor voting, they’ll probably send Jasmine out the door.

Terrance wanted to target Joseph, and Kyle exposing The Leftovers to the HOH in efforts to save his showmance made his decision easier. While he initially wanted to put Joseph up after the Veto competition, the Dyre Fest HOH decided to nominate him outright next to Leftover member Turner, keeping the showmance safe.

Terrance then won the Veto, maintaining complete control of the week. He will presumably keep his nominations the same and expect Kyle and Alyssa to vote out Joseph, which they likely will. Therefore, the Leftovers will probably lose their first member, Joseph, during the twist.

His eviction will upset Taylor and Monte, who has already discussed how distraught they would be if he didn’t survive the week. As Taylor, Monte, Brittany, and Michael are already turning on Kyle, they will likely target him and his showmance immediately.

The Leftovers are likely over after the Split House twist

During Week 3, Kyle shared with HOH Turner, Joseph, and Monte information that Alyssa spilled to him about the Girls’ Girls alliance.

Wanting to stop a potential steamroll, the group invited then-nominees Michael and Brittany and an ostracized Taylor to form the Leftovers. They first blindsided Ameerah Jones before targeting Taylor’s rivals Nicole Layog and Daniel Durston.


‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: Split House Groups and Nominations Revealed

After Daniel’s eviction and during Taylor’s HOH, the group began to show cracks as Kyle became more loyal to his showmance. Additionally, Michael wants to keep the confusion going, so they target each other over him, who already has six competition wins.

Following the Split House Double Eviction twist, the Leftovers are likely over. However, a core four with Michael, Brittany, Taylor, and Monte appears to be in the works. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.