‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: Split House Groups and Nominations Revealed

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 split house twist and Week 7 nominations.]

After the Big Brother 24 Week 6 eviction, the Houseguests were divided into two groups of five for the first-ever Split House Double Eviction twist. Who are the four nominees?

‘Big Brother 24’ split house groups revealed

After Indy Santos became the first juror of Big Brother 24, the remaining 10 players learned of the Split House Double Eviction twist in which the house divides into two groups that will have no interaction with each other.

Both groups will play a game of Big Brother, including nominations, Power of Veto, and an elimination, culminating in two Houseguests joining the jury next week. Following the reveal of the new twist, the players gathered outside for the Head of Household competition.

Michael Bruner won, making him the HOH for Big BroChella, which takes place inside the house, and Terrance Higgins placed second, placing him as HOH for the Dyre Fest, which happens outside. The HOHs then chose their group schoolyard pick, with Michael selecting Jasmine Davis first, followed by closest allies Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale.

Fellow Leftover member Monte Taylor marked his final pick, whom he chose over Kyle Capener. Terrance picked Matt “Turner” with his first pick and then went with Alyssa Snider, Joseph Abdin, and finally, Alyssa’s showmance partner, Kyle.

‘Big Brother 24’ split house nominations

Following the competition, Michael revealed Jasmine, the only non-Leftover member on his team, as his main target.

However, he plans to take the opportunity to blindside Monte, an ally he already thought about turning on, if Jasmine saves herself with the Veto. Terrance expressed his desire to target Joseph but didn’t want to put him up initially.

Therefore, it was assumed he would nominate the showmance as pawns and put Joseph up after the Veto ceremony. However, Kyle exposed the Leftovers to Terrance, altering the HOH’s plan. Michael nominated Monte and Jasmine for eviction, and Terrance put up Joseph and Turner, keeping the showmance safe.

If Joseph wins the Veto, Turner might go home. While Joseph will likely vote to keep the Leftovers intact, Alyssa and Kyle will protect each other, creating a tie. Now that Terrance is aware of the alliance, he will probably try to break it up by sending Turner to the Jury House.

The Leftovers are beginning to crack

During Week 3, then HOH Turner, Joseph, Kyle, and Monte learned of that Girls Girls alliance, thanks to Alyssa, and wanted to stop the season from getting steamrolled. Therefore, they brought in then-nominees Michael and Brittany as well as ostracized Taylor to form The Leftovers.

After blindsiding Ameerah Jones, the group successfully targeted Taylor’s rivals Nicole Layog and Daniel Durston. The other side of the house (Indy, Jasmine, and Alyssa) began realizing they were on the outs and formed the Five Swatters with Joseph and Kyle.


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However, the guys aren’t loyal to the alliance and share everything with the Leftovers. The strong alliance began cracking in Week 6 when Taylor switched her target to Alyssa at the last second because the Florida native took a trip from her during the Veto competition. However, Kyle, the POV winner, refused to use it, knowing his showmance would get backdoored.

The situation rubbed a few allies the wrong way as they believed he should have shown his loyalty to the group by turning on his showmance. However, others, namely Michael, want Alyssa to remain in the house, so the couple stays a larger target than him. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.