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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 1 Power of Veto results.]

As the first Head of Household of Big Brother 24, Daniel Durston is tasked with putting two of his fellow Houseguests up for eviction. Following the nomination ceremony, they competed for safety. Who won the Power of Veto competition in Week 1?

Michael Bruner won ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 1 Power of Veto

Head of Household Daniel Durston discussed his nominations options with his number one ally, Nicole Layog.

He admitted he lied to Monte Taylor about not targeting the strong males but didn’t want to put anyone up this week out of fear of retaliation.

Therefore, he tried to put up people who hadn’t talked game with him, considering it the simplest explanation. The nomination ceremony occurred shortly after that conversation, where he decided to nominate Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins, with the former as his target.

He seemingly wants the Minnesota native out of the house due to his super fandom. However, the Power of Veto competition caused the Houseguests to scramble as Michael pulled out the win.

Daniel Durston will likely nominate Taylor Hale as a replacement nominee

Following the POV competition, Daniel told Ameerah Jones that he’s considering putting up Taylor Hale or Indy Santos as the two ladies haven’t talked much game with him.

He later spoke to Paloma Aguilar and explained that he wanted the renomination to be evicted from the house unanimously. The two discussed if he should backdoor Taylor or Indy and Paloma admitted she leaned toward the former.

They both think Taylor doesn’t have the best social game, and Paloma feels the former pageant queen is too rehearsed and has a “wall up.” Later that night, Monte told Paloma that Taylor informed him of her plan to target the strong guys. Paloma insisted it was a lie, although she and Alyssa Snider have discussed aligning with the boys temporarily before cutting them at some point.

She told him to take the information to Daniel and tell him that’s why he wants Taylor out over Indy. Paloma went outside crying about the situation, resulting in other Houseguests figuring out what happened. Daniel wants a unanimous eviction, so he seems willing to put up Taylor as a replacement nominee.

Taylor has been on the outs since the beginning of ‘Big Brother 24’

From the beginning of the competition, Alyssa and Paloma didn’t want to work with Taylor because they felt she tried to form bonds with the guys first.

They created the Girls’ Girls alliance, excluding Taylor and Nicole (Indy, Ameerah, Jasmine Davis, and Brittany Hoopes), and planned to target the Michigan native at their first opportunity.


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The group also thinks Taylor doesn’t want to work with them and finds her untrustworthy. Additionally, Taylor wore her custom-made finale dress to show others, rubbing them the wrong way.

Wanting Taylor out since the beginning, the Girls’ Girls alliance will likely get their way. If Daniel puts her up as a replacement nominee, which he is leaning toward, she might become the season’s first unanimous eviction. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.