‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Confronts Kyle for His ‘Nice Girl’ Comment and Distrust in Minority Allies

Big Brother 24 houseguests are talking seriously with Kyle Capener about his plan for a white alliance. Taylor Hale talked about his plan, the comments he made, and what he should do next.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Aug. 30, 2022.] 

Taylor talks to Kyle about not trusting his allies

Kyle talked to Taylor on Aug. 30. It started with Kyle not trusting her and other allies who were people of color. 

“That’s the painful part to me,” Taylor told him. “Like the idea or threat of people of color uniting felt greater than the bond that we were growing. Because I was Leftovers to the end, baby!”

“I was an idiot, honestly,” Kyle replied. “I thought like, yeah, I don’t know.”

Taylor confronts Kyle for his nice girl comment about Alyssa

Taylor also mentioned Kyle’s comment in defense of not using the veto to backdoor Alyssa Snider. “I’ll never forget this,” Taylor told Kyle. “We were talking about not wanting to use the veto, and you said something like, ‘You think Alyssa’s this mastermind and this evil person and all this, and what if at the end of this we’re just evicting a really nice girl?’”

“And I was like, that triggered me a little bit,” she continued. “I hate saying triggered. But it did trigger me a little bit because in so many instances in my life, I have not been given the opportunity to just be the nice girl. And I know you’re defending your friend, showmance, whatever you wanna call it now. But I was like, ‘Ugh.’ It didn’t make me feel good.”

She admitted before Kyle’s controversy she wanted to talk to him because she respected him as her friend. Taylor said his not using the veto made her think about who gets to make mistakes and be protected. The mistake was Alyssa giving Taylor, the HOH, a punishment.

“People like Alyssa are always going to be saved,” Taylor said. “And people like me are not.”

Kyle asks Taylor to explain not putting Jasmine on the block

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Taylor said she wanted to “call in” Kyle and not “call out.” She tells him she believes he’ll do the work. The beauty queen said she wanted to defend Kyle outside of the house. “I’m so sorry for the things that I’ve done,” Kyle told her. 

Kyle asked Taylor to explain why she was protecting Jasmine Davis. “I did not want to put her up because if I’m walking into this game saying, ‘I want to be the person who carries the weight for what Black women experiencing in the real world and the Big Brother world,’” she told him. “Who am I to put a Black woman in danger?”

She explained this didn’t mean she wouldn’t have voted Jasmine out or not have conflict with her. But if she has power, she wasn’t going to make that decision. Kyle said he could respect that.