‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Shares Why Indy’s Throwing Hot Soup Comment Hurt Her More Than She ‘Expected’

Big Brother 24 finalist Taylor Hale experienced a tough time in the house during the first few weeks of the competition. At one point, Indy Santos made a comment about wanting to throw hot soup on Taylor, and the Michigan-based stylist recently revealed why it “hurt me more than I expected.”

Indy Santos said she wanted to throw hot soup on Taylor Hale

During the first couple of weeks in the house, some of the houseguests didn’t vibe well with Taylor Hale, considering her not a “girls’ girl.” Therefore, they started an alliance without her and made the Michigan-based stylist their first target.

It almost worked when Taylor tried to warn Monte Taylor that Paloma Aguilar’s end game didn’t include him, leading him to tell others as he didn’t believe her. As a result, she became an easy house target, and Head of Household Daniel Durston rudely backdoored her.

Her first couple weeks in the house proved very difficult as others seemingly ostracized her and spoke rudely behind her back. Namely, Alyssa Snider, Jasmine Davis, Ameerah Jones, and Indy Santos frequently said negatively about the houseguest, angering fans who felt like CBS should intervene.

In one conversation, Indy claimed she wanted to throw hot soup on Taylor for making a comment about it while she was on slop. The remark got around to Taylor, who repeated it to Kyle. However, during the last week in the house, the Michigan-based stylist admitted it hurt her and revealed why.

Taylor recently revealed why Indy’s comment hurt her feelings

Monte Taylor and Taylor were cooking in the kitchen after advancing to the final three, with Matt “Turner” watching from the table.

As he handled boiling water, she shared a “traumatizing” childhood incident that unexpectedly resurfaced when she heard Indy’s comment about wanting to throw hot soup on her.

According to the Michigan native, she spilled boiling water on herself around the age of two, resulting in permanent burns on her stomach and arms.

While Taylor said she doesn’t remember the event, it’s “traumatizing” for her parents and difficult for them to talk about. Therefore, Indy’s remark hurt her more than she “expected.”

Taylor is looking to become the first Black female ‘Big Brother’ winner

Even though Taylor appeared to be the guaranteed first boot of the season, Paloma’s self-eviction saved her. However, the other houseguests didn’t want to move on, primarily as some blamed Taylor for Palmoa’s choice to leave and kept her as their main target.

Outgoing HOH Jasmine Davis targeted her but switched to Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli after others convinced her to take the shot when he volunteered as a nominee. During Week 3, she joined The Leftovers alongside Kyle Capener, Matt “Turner,” Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, and Monte) as some wanted to protect her from the perceived bullying happening in the house.


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Following one week of protection, she landed on the block again as her Festie Bestie Nicole Layog was the target. Taylor remained safe until Week 8 when Kyle and Turner defected from the Leftovers. Turner targeted her, but the reveal of Kyle’s unsubstantiated theory that the people of color secretly aligned resulted in the Utah’s native backdoor.

During Week 10, Taylor found herself nominated again when Monte chose to name her as a replacement over Turner. The Michigan-based stylist has also protected herself with two HOH victories and has advanced to the final three, where she looks to become the first Black woman to win the game. Big Brother 24 finale airs Sunday, September 25, on CBS.