‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor and Joseph’s Address Their Fans, ‘Let the People Have What They Want’

Some Big Brother 24 fans are rooting for the winner to find love after the season. Taylor Hale shared a new video with Joseph Abdin and hinted that she knows what fans want.

Some fans want Taylor and Joseph to date after ‘Big Brother 24’

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin sitting next to each other during 'Big Brother 24'
‘Big Brother 24’ houseguests Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin | CBS

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Taylor struggled to form relationships in the Big Brother house because she was being bullied. But Joseph became closer to Taylor after forming The Leftovers alliance.

He made it clear that Taylor wasn’t a shield to him, she was a sword. Joseph also told Taylor she was so strong for handling a house that was against her every week.

The house was split for Big Bro Chella and Dyre Fest. Taylor and Joseph were split up that week, and he was evicted. Alyssa Snider told Taylor that Joseph betrayed her using facts and lies. Taylor was heartbroken and ended the season with a short-lived showmance with Monte Taylor.

Taylor and Joseph post a video together for fans

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Taylor and Joseph shared a video. She leans on his shoulder, smiling. “Hey, what’s up, guys?” Joseph said. “Just want to let you know we see you all. We love you all. We both been really busy.”

“We love you guys so much,” Taylor said. “It’s been insane, insane journey right now. But just want to say hey, and we love you.” She blew a kiss to the camera. “And we have a lot to catch up on,” Joseph added.

Taylor replied in a tweet with the video, “Let the people have what they want.” It looks like she’s well aware fans want them together and is willing to share some of their time after filming.

Taylor called Joseph a lover boy after the season

The winner hasn’t held back her feelings for Joseph after the win. She talked to the Winner’s Circle about her future with him.

“Ameerah, classic Ameerah, she just outed the hell out of me and Monte there,” Taylor told Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore. “I was like, ‘Well damn girl! Come on, now.’ And it was tough because I saw Joseph’s face in that moment, and that was devastating for me because I have such a soft spot for Joseph.” 

“And Monte and I had a really great…connecting moment,” she explained. “I don’t know if that’s a long-lasting thing for us. I think we connect and match in some ways and not so much other ways. Where Joseph, he’s the lover boy that I wanted, I’ve been looking for so.”

It looks like there’s hope for Joseph and Taylor. Fans will have to wait and see how much they reveal about their lives after filming.

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