‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Admits Losing Joseph Was Good, Calls Him Her ‘Achilles Heel’

Big Brother 24 fans watched The Leftovers end with the house splitting. Taylor Hale admits losing Joseph Adin benefitted her game in the end. 

Taylor wanted to go to the end of ‘Big Brother 24’ with Joseph

Taylor played closely with Brittany Hoopes and Michael Bruner. But she was always looking for other options for a final three.

That’s because she knew no one would win if Michael made it to the end with all of his competition wins. She was one of many houseguests hoping he’d get evicted. But that meant she needed to replace him when it came to allies.

Taylor approached Joseph for a final three with Brittany. He turned it down and was a target during Dyre Fest. He revealed Taylor’s final three pitch to the houseguests before going to the jury. She was later nominated, and Joseph was accused of blowing up her game.

Taylor admits losing Joseph was good for her game

Taylor addressed the split house twist and how it affected her game with Hannah Chaddha and Rachel Reilly. “I’m gonna get murder for this,” she said on The Secret Alliance podcast. “Because it was devastating, devastating to lose Joseph. And that was my weakness. Joseph was my Achilles heel when it came to the game.” 

“And I think with Joseph, he and I played very, our games were much aligned, and it makes sense to have that type of person,” she continued. “You wanna have your number one in the game. But there’s going to be a point where you have to turn on your number one or go to the end with your number one.”

The winner made the case that Joseph was more “socially connected” than her. “It would have nearly been impossible for me to beat Joseph because he had a game that was almost exactly aligned with mine as far as moves go, and he had the stronger social game,” she admitted.

Monte and Taylor had more differences in their games. He was more focused on his competition wins and big moves. Taylor argues she should win given her resiliency and social game. The winner said the fallout of Joseph’s eviction is still painful for her, but she sees how it benefitted her game.

Taylor and Joseph continue to be close after the season

Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale, who starred in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, hug.
Joseph Abdin and Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Says She Pushed Monte to Backdoor Michael

Multiple houseguests planted seeds that Joseph went out of his way to betray Taylor after his eviction. He cleared in the air in the finale. 

The lawyer said he tried his best to protect his allies in The Leftovers. He said Kyle Capener painted him as being very close with them, so he had to “distance” himself.

Taylor and Joseph have been inseparable since the finale. They say they’re taking things slowly to see where their relationship goes.