‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Left a Love Note for Joseph Before His Eviction

Big Brother 24 Houseguest Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin appeared to have feelings for each other but agreed to form a fake showmance. When the Houseguests packed during the Split House twist, Taylor put sentimental gifts in Joseph’s luggage.

Joseph Abdin was evicted during ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 7

Immediately following Indy Santos’ eviction, the remaining 10 Houseguests faced off for the Week 7 Head of Household.

The winner, Michael Bruner, chose his team for Big BroChella (Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, Jasmine Davis, and Brittany Hoopes), and runner-up Terrance Higgins picked his for Dyre Fest (Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, Alyssa Snider, and Matt “Turner”) in the first-ever Split House twist.

In Big BroChella, the Leftovers remained strong and never wavered in evicting the lone outsider Jasmine. However, outside in Dyre Fest, Kyle immediately exposed the seven-person alliance to save him and his girlfriend, Alyssa.

It worked as Terrance nominated Turner and Joseph. His attempts to confront Kyle for turning on them blew up in his face, and the lawyer joined the jury in the Double Eviction.

Taylor reveals she left sentimental gifts for Joseph

Inside, Taylor, who had a fake showmance with Joseph that developed into real feelings, and his closest ally Monte, together “Mojo,” got concerned that he wouldn’t return.

The two looked visibly upset when the groups reunited but couldn’t figure out what happened as the four returning, together the After Party, stuck to their story that Joseph threw them under the bus.

Alyssa claimed he made several rude remarks about Taylor and didn’t actually like her, which made the Michigan-based stylist emotional at one point. In a conversation with Brittany, with whom she’s discussed her interest in Joseph several times, Taylor revealed she left a Sid and Fancy guitar park in his luggage, a nod to their time chained together during a Power of Veto punishment.

She also shared that she put chocolate bars with love poems written in them in his bag, specifically one about William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. After hearing that Joseph might not have felt the same way, Taylor admitted she could be a “dummy” for leaving the romantic items in his bag. “Or maybe not,” she added.

Taylor has admitted her true feelings for Joseph

During Week 4, Leftover allies Taylor and Joseph joked around in the kitchen. After he left, she continued laughing before telling herself to stop it.”

Brittany later entered the kitchen, and Taylor asked her to tell her to drop her “crush.” The Texas native figured out she referred to Joseph and promised to be her “wingwoman.” But Taylor still wanted Brittany to tell her that she shouldn’t have feelings for another Houseguest.


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During a conversation several days later, Taylor and Joseph joked about pretending to get into a showmance, calling it a fauxmance. They began discussing sleeping arrangements, and Joseph wanted Jasmine to relocate, but he knew she would accuse him of only trying to “get close” with Taylor. Therefore, Joseph advised them to kiss, but Taylor refused, insisting, “I don’t want to cause problems.”

Even though they claimed they were faking their relationship, the two clearly grew close together, especially during their punishment when they were handcuffed to each other for 24 hours. When Joseph got evicted, host Julie Chen Moonves asked him how he felt about not being able to say goodbye to Taylor before leaving. While it upset him, the lawyer noted he’s hopeful she reaches out to him after the show. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.