‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Reacts to Daniel’s Meltdown, ‘There’s Always An Explosion With That 1’

Big Brother 24 already had a big confrontation earlier this season. Daniel Durston was at it again, but this time Taylor Hale was able to lay back and relax. Fans are loving it.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Aug. 7, 2022.]

Taylor reacts to Daniel’s meltdown

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Daniel asked Alyssa Snider if she had an excuse for voting out Nicole Layog, and she apologized. He then addressed Monte Taylor in front of everyone in the kitchen. “Dude, I’m asking what happened?” Daniel asked.

“It’s just not worth talking about,” Monte answered. “You told the whole house that I manipulated everybody. You got me. Good job.”

“That’s all you got?” Daniel asked. “That’s all I got,” Monte said. Monte pointed out they could talk privately. After Daniel kept pushing for answers, Monte mentioned their conversation before the veto when he told Daniel and Nicole they wouldn’t have the votes for her to stay.

“Up in the HOH, we were having a conversation about the Power of Veto–,” Monte said. “And you said leave the noms the same,” Daniel lied. “OK, OK, that’s your story,” Monte said. “So you’re acting like we didn’t have a conversation?” Daniel accused Monte of hiding something from the rest of the house.

Taylor eventually sat on the stairs to listen to them talk with an open bag of Lay’s chips. In the diary room, she ate a chip and said, “I’m happy Daniel is not yelling at me right now. There’s always an explosion with that one.” 

‘Big Brother 24’ fans are still Team Taylor

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Fans had a lot to say about Daniel’s reaction on Reddit. “Daniel is such a sour idiot. Monte literally told you not to use the veto,” one fan commented.

“What is Daniel’s goal here?” one person asked. Other fans reacted to Taylor sitting down and enjoying the show.

“They are purposely featuring Taylor with potato chips. She will get a Bold and Beautiful segment after this eating potato chips,” someone predicted.

Another added, “yessss Taylor and her Lays!” 

“Taylor with the Lays is my new mood,” someone claimed.

“LMAO Lay’s please give Taylor a sponsorship,” one fan demanded.

Who is the new Head of Household?

Daniel Durston and Taylor Hale talk in the living room on 'Big Brother 24'.
Daniel Durston and Taylor Hale on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The episode later showed the cast fighting for the Head of Household. Taylor said the house knew she had a vendetta against Daniel and wanted to win it to put him on the block. Sadly, she didn’t complete the balance beams quickly enough.

Instead, Michael Bruner won with the quickest time of 11.79. This is his first HOH, but he has already won Power of Veto three times. The lawyer is definitely the competition beast of the season so far. So it’s not that surprising Daniel did call him out during his tirade and said he’d vote for him to win. 

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