‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Reveals Why She Broke Down Crying for the First Time in the House

Questions are being answered for Big Brother 24 fans. Taylor Hale explained why she first broke down crying in the house and more.

Taylor became a target in the first week of ‘Big Brother 24’

Taylor Hale sits on the HOH bed on 'Big Brother 24'.
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Fans watched the house quickly turn against Taylor in the first days. She wasn’t aware of what people were saying about her. But she knew she was on the outs.

Taylor cried alone in the bathroom. There were a lot of theories for why. Eventually, Daniel Durston put her on the block to replace Michael Bruner. He accused her of hurting people and told her to apologize.

Taylor said she cried after being isolated 

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Taylor sat down with Taran Armstrong to fully talk about her game. He explained that the girls assumed she would work with the guys and made the Girls’ Girls alliance. Paloma Aguilar was offended by her small comments. Lastly, Matt “Turner” Turner was offended she asked him to do his dishes.

Live feed fans caught Taylor crying alone in the bathroom on the fourth day. But it was a mystery what happened right before because the feeds were down.

She explained that she didn’t overhear anyone. “And it’s so palpable in the house when something shifts in the air,” Taylor said. “And I said it earlier, I called it getting Taylored to try to make a joke out of it. But I would walk into the room, and there would be dead silence. Or people would physically turn their backs to me. Or people would wrap up a conversation and walk away from me. Or would have a whole conversation that was really about slighting me that I would try to participate in. The self-awareness conversation that was happening, that was a big slight about me.”

She later said it was deeply painful because she didn’t do anything to deserve it. Taylor said she felt the weight of isolation at that moment and cried.

Taylor got advice based on Dr. Will Kirby’s game

Taylor wasn’t a fan of the game before being recruited. But she did take the time to learn about it.

“I got some advice before going into the game, and it was about how Dr. Will operated in the game,” she said. “Whenever he did something to someone, he’d pull them aside and apologize afterward. And that’s how he continued to get away with things until he got as far as he would.”

Taylor was ready to apologize after Daniel’s speech because she thought she had hurt someone in a very serious way. But she realized no one was really giving her anything to apologize for. 

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