‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Says It’s ‘Hard to Hear’ Michael Missing This Kyle Opportunity

Big Brother 24 houseguests are still learning how things went down in the house. Taylor Hale reacts to her close friends in the house not fully shutting down Kyle Capener’s plan when they have the chance.

Michael and Brittany’s story on waiting to call out Kyle on ‘Big Brother 24’

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Kyle had a theory all of the people of color were working together in week 5. He mentioned this multiple times to Brittany Hoopes and Michael Bruner. The TikToker also wanted to make an alliance with all the white houseguests to combat this.

Brittany and Michael didn’t fully correct him. They also suggested they include Terrance Higgins in this new alliance to make things look better.

But when Kyle turned on Brittany and Michael three weeks later, they revealed his plan. The house agreed he should leave, and Kyle was backdoored. Brittany and Michael claimed coming forward hurt their game. However, they were able to take out someone going against them and save all of their allies with this move.

Taylor says it’s ‘hard to hear’ Michael not correcting Kyle

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Taylor sat down with Taran Armstrong to talk about her game week by week. He explained Michael and Brittany told him that Taylor wasn’t part of a Cookout-type alliance. Armstrong then explained Kyle approached Michael again and asked, “Am I just losing it? Have I got it all wrong?” The podcaster said Michael responded with, “Not necessarily.”

Taylor gives her perspective on Michael not shutting things down and how he handled it later. She understood Michael and Brittany checking with each other first before bringing it into the game. 

“It is hard to hear that Kyle asked, ‘Am I crazy here?’ That was an opportunity,” she said. “I’m glad they defended me, but you don’t just defend one person when we’re impacting so many different people in the house about their race. That’s…that’s a line you just don’t cross. You don’t use game and race together.”

The winner revealed her biggest frustration was that Michael used the veto on Brittany and left her on the block with Kyle. “One last final thing could’ve been done to show me they’re willing to protect me,” she said. “Brittany should’ve sat on that block that week.”

Is Taylor still friends with Brittany and Kyle?

Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale sit together and talk in 'Big Brother 24'.
Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale in ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

Brittany and Michael were supporters of Taylor in the jury. So they voted for her to win in the finale.

Taylor later said she would have an in-depth conversation about Kyle with them on the podcast. But she doesn’t doubt they’ll work through it and be lifelong friends. However, there still needs to be accountability.

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