‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Says She Pushed Monte to Backdoor Michael

Big Brother 24 fans and houseguests sometimes debate on who gets credit for moves. That’s because the show’s edit and live feeds differ. Taylor Hale explained why she deserves some credit for Michael Bruner’s backdoor.

Monte got the credit of backdooring Michael on ‘Big Brother 24’

The double eviction episode showed Matt “Turner” winning Head of Household. Turner had Brittany Hoopes as his target and nominated Alyssa Snider next to her.

Monte Taylor won Power of Veto and told Turner he’s using it to backdoor Michael. Turner urged him to make sure Taylor was on board, so they had the votes to make the move.

Taylor was very much on board, and Michael was evicted. However, Michael told Alyssa and Taylor during his speech that this move would be credited to Monte and Turner, not them. He argued they should keep him in the game, so he could go after Monte and Turner for them.

Taylor says she pushed Monte to backdoor Michael on ‘Big Brother 24’

Taylor talked about her game with Hannah Chaddha and Rachel Reilly on The Secret Alliance podcast. “I think the biggest decision I ended up making that a lot of people in the house wanted to make, but I was looking at a way to get rid of one of my closest allies, Michael,” Taylor said. “Michael and Brittany were very closely connected, and I know I was the next one right underneath the two of them.” 

“But I was the one that really reassured Monte that he could use the veto and make a big move to take him out,” she continued. “And I would have done the same thing if I won the veto.”

The winner explained many houseguests wanted to make the move, but there was “trepidation.” So she worked her relationship with Monte for him to trust her and later influenced him to make that move. This was after Monte made a gentleman’s agreement with Michael and almost changed his plan to target the women.

Monte’s last ‘big move’ didn’t work

Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale and Michael Bruner talk in the storage room on 'Big Brother 24'.
Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale and Michael Bruner on ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

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In the end, Monte was hoping to add another big move to his resume in the finale. That was not picking Turner for the final two and instead going with Taylor. He also made this case to the jury.

However, Taylor made the best move with her speech. She was honest about how a lot of her game was about survival since she was immediately a house target. Taylor turned her multiple nominations for block into an impressive feat by saying anyone who sits next to her is going home. In the end, she won with a vote of eight to one.