‘Big Brother 24’: Taylor Says She’s Sharing Cruise Prize With Joseph: ‘We Need to Decompress’

Big Brother 24 champ Taylor Hale also won America’s Favorite Houseguest, which came with a luxury cruise ship vacation for two as a promotion for the new show The Real Love Boat. She has since revealed that she’s taking fling Joseph Abdin on the trip with her, noting they both “need to decompress.”

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin developed a fling during ‘Big Brother 24’

Near the beginning of the competition, Taylor Hale almost immediately found herself on the outs of the house for seemingly no reason. Initially, Joseph Abdin sided against her as well but quickly formed a relationship with her, and he continued to hang out with her.

During Week 3, Joseph helped bring her into a seven-person alliance the Leftovers, wanting to give her protection as he felt the others unnecessarily turned on her.

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They grew closer, especially while chained to each other as Skid and Fancy for a Power of Veto punishment, and she confessed to having a crush on him. Additionally, the two joked about faking a showmance, referring to it as a fauxmance.

Some fans thought they hid their true feelings behind the fauxmance, afraid it would result in a target on their backs. However, Joseph was eliminated during Week 7’s Split House twist before anything could develop between the two. As he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, Taylor was upset about the eviction but noted she left romantic items in his luggage.

Taylor to share America’s Favorite Houseguest cruise award with Joseph

Following the season, the two have been inseparable. They’ve done a couple of interviews together and appear to have stayed with each other and several of their castmates at Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Todrick Hall’s house.

Speaking to Julie Chen Moonves, the historic winner explained her upcoming plans for the money. She revealed she would take Joseph on the cruise with her, which she won for America’s Favorite Houseguest, much to the host’s delight.

According to Taylor, she feels they both “need to decompress” after the season.

Even though the two seemingly haven’t left each other’s side since the show concluded, Taylor and Joseph aren’t officially dating yet.

Joseph and Taylor haven’t defined their relationship

In a joint interview with Us Weekly shortly after the season concluded, wearing matching blue shirts, the pair talked about their potential romance.

She pointed to his willingness to defend her, even when it didn’t benefit his game, as something that stood out to her while he noted her sense of humor drew him in.

When it comes to a future relationship, Taylor admitted she didn’t want to find herself relying on Joseph for support and wanted to focus on taking care of herself before jumping into anything serious.

However, she also added that she doesn’t intend to “let go of Joseph anytime soon.” Although they haven’t labeled or defined their romance, fans are already referring to them as the couple name Jaylor and believe they’ll announce a relationship soon.

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