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Big Brother had another double eviction adding two more people to the jury. Showbiz Cheat Sheet sent Terrance Higgins questions about his experience and received his prerecorded answers through Zoom on Sept. 9. This is what he had to say about his game.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 episode on Sept. 8, 2022.] 

Why Terrance tried to keep Kyle on ‘Big Brother 24’

Q: You told Kyle [Capener] it should’ve been him evicted instead of Joseph [Abdin] during the house meeting. But after that, you were campaigning for him to stay over Taylor [Hale]. Can you walk us through how you went from that heated moment to wanting him to stay?

Terrance: It was just basically trying to do something differently than what’s already been done, try to change the narrative, and try to handle a situation like that differently.

Terrance on his tense relationship with Taylor

Q: Most people bite their tongues around houseguests they don’t like for their game. But you told Taylor not to talk to you while on the wall, hugged other people except her at the last veto meeting, and when she mentioned you wanted Kyle to stay over her in your private talk, you glossed over it. However, you still picked her to play for you into veto and campaigned for her to forget your past and move forward with you. Why didn’t you act kinder with her from the beginning to keep her as an option?

Terrance: Man, me and–and Taylor’s relationship is actually really good. That’s just the Midwest vibe that we have with each other. That’s–that’s–I’m big brother. She’s little sister. So that was the only thing that–that happened with me and Taylor. I love Taylor.

Terrance Higgins sits in the HOH room wearing a shirt and hat on 'Big Brother 24'.
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Q: You called Taylor a sellout. It doesn’t seem like you have anything against working with sellouts because Kyle ratted out every alliance he was ever in. You knew this and kept fighting for him. Can you explain why in your eyes, Taylor was a sellout in a negative way even though she had yet to turn on any of her people?

Terrance: Oh, I don’t think Taylor was a sellout in a negative way. I just think that it was a better option to keeping me over Alyssa [Snider] based on different things that happened with me and Alyssa for her choice.

What will be Terrance’s pitch to the other jurors?


3 Things ‘Big Brother 24’ Missed About Kyle Getting Exposed

Q: You threatened Michael that you would tell the jury about his move against Kyle in a way that could hurt his game. Will you do the same for Brittany, and can you give us a taste of how you’ll frame that information for them?

Terrance: It goes for both of them. It’s just purely gameplay. If you just look at the timeline on when they knew the information as to when they gave the information out. It was totally gameplay. So that’s what I will lay out.

Q: You wanted to make a big move when you were HOH in Dyre Fest. Now that you know Kyle’s full game and how he used you to further it, do you see getting Joseph out as a big move?

Terrance: No. Getting Joseph out wasn’t a big move. If I could do it again, it would have definitely been different nominations.

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