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Big Brother 24 houseguest pitched a plan for the white players to stick together as he assumed another Cookout alliance formed in the house. The exposure of his pitch resulted in him hitting the block and likely headed out of the door this week. However, Terrance Higgins thinks Kyle should stay.

Terrance Higgins thinks Kyle Capener can ‘change the narrative’ following offensive alliance pitch

Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes turned on Kyle Capener when he betrayed seven-person alliance The Leftovers during the Split House twist.

Therefore, they exposed his plans to form an “all white” group due to his assumptions that the people of color were working together, similar to last season’s The Cookout.

Kyle found out they were telling the other houseguests and got upset, resulting in what he believed was a panic attack. Terrance Higgins and his After Party ally later talked, and the Chicago native admitted it was hard to hear. He claimed that while it’s easy to evict him over it this week, Terrance thinks Kyle can “change the narrative.”

Terrance continued, “you have a teachable moment that you can teach somebody.” The oldest houseguest volunteered to “help you [Kyle] understand the severity of the thought process” and explained how his biases relate to the real world outside the game.

Terrance thinks Kyle should continue competing in ‘Big Brother 24’

According to Terrance, the Utah native should stay in the house over Taylor Hale because he believes the Utah native can learn from the situation.

Terrance brought up Taylor not wanting to nominate Jasmine Davis, one reason why Kyle thought another Cookout had formed, noting it had to do with Black feeling like “they are always pitted against each other.”

He also explained the mission of last season’s Cookout was to give future houseguests of color an “opportunity to win,” pointing out they are “always ostracized” immediately after entering the house.

Terrance encouraged Kyle to “face the situation” and “have the uncomfortable conversations” with the other players and suggested his presence during the talks. The Utah native thanked Terrance for his words and admitted he played a “selfish game” and never attempted to understand.

Terrance says Kyle is a ‘kid’ who has a sheltered upbringing

Kyle pointed to his upbringing in the “predominantly white” state of Utah as a reason he didn’t have “experience” having these conversations.

Terrance agreed, calling him a “kid” who made mistakes based on his shelter upbringing. The Utah native later talked to Monte Taylor and Taylor, who shared their stories and why his assumptions hurt them.


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Even though Terrance seemed to think Kyle “learned his lesson,” he didn’t appear moved or empathetic when the other houseguests shared their experiences with him.

It’s unclear if Monte or Taylor have forgiven him the way Terrance did, but Brittany apparently has, as she told him she didn’t think he had malicious intent. Due to the situation, Kyle will most likely leave the house on Thursday, regardless of Matt “Turner” and Terrance’s pitches for him to stay. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.