‘Big Brother 24’: The Cookout Women React to Monte and Taylor’s Breakup

Houseguests from last season have been watching Big Brother 24 closely. So it’s not surprising that the women of The Cookout reacted to Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale breaking up.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Sept. 18, 2022.] 

Monte and Taylor’s showmance takes a turn on ‘Big Brother 24’

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Monte and Taylor shocked fans by hooking up so late in the season. Once again, they surprised fans by how quickly it ended and the cause.

On Sept. 18, Brittany Hoopes, Matt “Turner,” Taylor, and Monte were in the HOH room. Monte wore headphones as he started snoring. Taylor took the headphones off his head after realizing he was asleep.

Monte told Turner he was upset by that moment and revealed their showmance. He took his things out of the HOH room and later accused Taylor of belittling him. They decided to take a step back from being physical with each other and continue to get to know each other.

The Cookout women react to Monte of ‘Big Brother 24’

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Azah Awasum tweeted, “looking at last nights feeds and…phew. What I will say is the behavior I am seeing is not uncommon when dating in  ‘our’ community. Would love to use BB not to point fingers, but as an opportunity for us to have those difficult conversations on how we can be better as a whole. #bb24.”

A fan replied, “we can both point fingers and have these difficult conversations :).” Awasum added, “Most of the times when people point fingers they never realize that they are people who exhibit, encourage, or [accept] those behaviors themselves jmo.”

Someone tweeted, “Wait so Monte already talking mess about Taylor now?? Again?? After 4 days?? Where’s big sis @absolutelytiff ?! You said it, when the [eggplant emoji] hard, the [heart emoji] Man ain’t that the truth. Throw the whole man away [trash can emoji] #bb24.”  Tiffany Mitchell quoted this and tweeted, “Except I’m not fuming because I’m not surprised, I am disgusted.  #bb24.”

She continued, “Let me be clear, I’m not surprised that his head is not still up in the clouds. His [eggplant emoji] is soft. I believe he likes her, but I also believe he’s immature and emotional. I’m disgusted that he’s choosing to have this conversation about her with Turner and not Taylor. #bb24.” 

Mitchell added. “For those who are confused about why I said I’m not surprised. Disgusted that he told Turner. #bb24.”

Hannah Chaddha liked a tweet that read, “Monte really pulled a Derek F today…#BB24” with a picture of Derek Frazier packing his bag and walking out of the room he shared with Awasum.

The Cookout returns for ‘Big Brother 24’

Azah Awasum sits in a yellow dress on 'Big Brother 23'.
Azah Awasum of ‘Big Brother 24’ | CBS 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Fans already got to see Mitchell return for a competition during Big Bro Chella. But all of The Cookout is returning during the final week.

Julie Chen Moonves revealed The Cookout would return on Thursday, Sept. 22, to give their opinions on the season. That will also be the live eviction night revealing which three houseguests will move forward on finale night.

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