‘Big Brother 24’: Turner Addresses Appropriation Criticism of His Terminology

Big Brother 24 houseguest Matt “Turner” has become remembered for jokes that he doesn’t shower and frequently used words including “bussin’.” Some viewers have felt Turner appropriated his terminology from African American culture, leading to one fan confronting him about it on social media following the season. 

Fan called Matt ‘Turner’ out for cultural appropriation

An episode of Big Brother 24 highlighted words finalist Matt “Turner” frequently uses, such as “disgussin’” or “super mega bussin’.”

The segment rubbed some viewers the wrong way who noted that his terminology isn’t unique to him, pointing out it’s a part of AAVE or African American Vernacular English.

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Therefore, they accused him of cultural appropriation or the practice of adopting an element of a culture disrespectfully or without acknowledgment.

In a September 30 Twitter Space, one fan confronted Turner about his use of the terminology. She explained she liked the Massachusetts-based rug maker at the beginning of the season but admitted his microaggressions turned her against him. For example, the viewer pointed out his marketed use of the words and wanted him to understand the origin of the terms. “I feel you’re appropriating our culture,” she admitted.

Turner responded to criticism of his terminology and other microaggressions

Beloved houseguest Joseph Abdin was with Turner then and came to the phone to defend his friend. He asked the audience to listen to the finalist and remain open to his “perspective.”

Turner explained his history with the terms, referring to himself as a “menace” who frequently steals tweets. He then shared that he grew up with “different people” and traveled to several places, which he believed might have something to do with it.

However, Turner claimed he doesn’t exactly remember how the terminology worked its way into his vocabulary. While the finalist jokingly steals tweets, he noted he doesn’t want to “steal culture” and committed to attempting to credit his language.

The user also pointed to his treatment of eventual winner Taylor Hale as evidence of microaggressions, namely how he claimed he felt “uncomfortable” around her. Turner responded, insisting that his comments referred to not knowing what to talk about with her because they had opposite interests.

Some fans have had an up-and-down relationship with Turner

Initially, many viewers didn’t like Turner because Holly Turner, who claimed to be his older sister, shared her experience with him. She accused him of bullying, convincing their parents to kick her out of the house, and turning on previous employer YouTuber Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson to launch his own career.

Therefore, Turner immediately landed at the bottom of the favorite houseguests’ polls, and some viewers began leaving negative reviews for his thrift store. However, they started changing their minds about him around Week 3 when the Leftovers formed.

Additionally, he gave an unforgettable speech about bullying when backdooring then-frontrunner Ameerah Jones. The Massachusetts native also got close to fan-favorites Taylor and Joseph as they formed a final three, and he continued to gain favor with the fan base. Viewers were full believers by Week 5 when he started the infamous Muffingate with Festie Bestie Jasmine Davis.

However, things began to change when Turner defected from the Leftovers and nominated Taylor. Additionally, he pushed for her eviction over Kyle Capener after everyone learned about his offensive plan to align against the non-white houseguests, assuming they were secretly working together. Therefore, he began to fall in the popularity polls and hasn’t seemed to climb back up yet.

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