‘Big Brother 24’ Fans Say ‘Turner Is All of Us’ for His Reaction to Jasmine’s Birthday Toast

When the Big Brother 24 Houseguests celebrated Jasmine Davis’s birthday, she directed her round of toasts and asked everyone to name their favorite two things about her. Matt ‘Turner’ found it ridiculous and attempted not to laugh during it.

Matt ‘Turner’ tried not to laugh during Jasmine Davis’ birthday toast

During the August 18 episode of Big Brother 24, the Houseguests celebrated Jasmine Davis’s birthday. They gifted her a card, signed with their thumbprints, which the Atlanta-based entrepreneur claimed she would keep “forever.”

She then went around the group and asked everyone to tell her their favorite things about her. Matt “Turner,” who’s gotten fed up with his former Festie Bestie, played along while attempting not to laugh when others gave their toast, making for a meme-able moment that viewers enjoyed.

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One took to Reddit, calling Turner “all of us” as he struggled to keep a face. Several agreed, noting they consider him “one of the most relatable houseguests ever” as they shared how they’ve wanted to react similarly in like “awkward” situations.

Additionally, many viewers are also “tired” of Jasmine because they believe she is “milking” her ankle injury, so they appreciate his annoyance shown toward her.

Turner started Muffingate with Jasmine

The Festie Besties first butt heads around Week 4 when Turner ate part of her muffin. As her Have-Not phase ended, the Atlanta native looked forward to eating the dessert and got annoyed when she realized someone had already helped themselves to her threat.

Therefore, she repeatedly questioned the Houseguests, hoping to get down to the bottom of it. Jasmine decided to set a trap for the culprit, and Turner struck again, which she discovered in the morning.

Even though he told Jasmine he had nothing to do with it, Turner revealed himself to the Leftovers. He apparently ate her muffin because he also feels she is “playing” them by “milking” a rolled ankle she sustained in Week 2.

Terrance Higgins later exposed Turner as the culprit to Jasmine. Regardless, Turner continued to mess with Jasmine, this time by putting water in a plastic bag containing cookies. However, she apparently didn’t notice because she didn’t appear to question anyone about it.

Jasmine and Turner got into a minor disagreement over balloons

During Week 6, Jasmine and Turner sat outside with Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes, and she discussed her upcoming birthday, which she shares with her late father. Jasmine said she wanted to release a balloon in the sky to honor him.

However, Turner expressed his preference that she didn’t, pointing to the harmful effect plastic has on the atmosphere or the animals who might try to eat it when the balloon eventually pops. After his comment, it got uncomfortably quiet, and Jasmine appeared bothered. Therefore, Turner attempted to retract his remarks before getting up and walking away.

The former Festie Besties later sat down and talked, where he apologized for downplaying her feelings, noting he also didn’t have the right “timing.” However, Jasmine clarified that Turner laughing and walking away got under her skin. Additionally, she felt he cared more about birds than her father’s life.

He apologized for laughing, referring to it as a “defense mechanism” because he didn’t know what else to say at that moment. Jasmine accepted his apology and explained that her dad had died only a few months prior and that she wanted to honor him in the house as she couldn’t visit his grave. The two seemed to have made up following the conversation. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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