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Big Brother 24 Houseguest Matt “Turner” is over his former Festie Bestie Jasmine Davis and showed it by secretly eating her muffin, launching Muffingate. The two have butt heads again, this time starting Balloongate.

Jasmine Davis wanted to release balloons to honor her father

Former Festie Bestie pair Jasmine Davis and Matt “Turner” have somewhat been at odds since he ate her muffin.

A couple of weeks later, they butt heads again when Jasmine shares how she wanted to honor her late father.

Speaking to Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, and Turner, the Atlanta-based entrepreneur explained she enjoys going “big” for birthdays and has already asked production for several things to celebrate her special day. As she also shares the date with her father, Jasmine wants to release a balloon into the sky in his memory.

However, Turner mentioned that plastic isn’t healthy for the environment or animals that might eat it once the balloon eventually pops. Jasmine looked visibly bothered by the comment, prompting Turner to backtrack, claiming she could release it if she wanted.

Matt’ Turner’ apologized for hurting Jasmine’s feelings

As it got uncomfortably quiet, Brittany began talking about fire lanterns, and Turner got up and walked away.

The two later reconvened, and Turner apologized, noting he never meant to downplay Jasmine’s feelings and believes the “timing” of his remark played a part.

However, she clarified that him laughing and walking away actually upset her. Turner apologized for laughing, calling it a “defense mechanism” because he didn’t know what to say during the “uncomfortable” silence.

She accepted his apology and explained that her father had recently died and she couldn’t visit his grave as she’s competing. Therefore, Jasmine wanted a way to celebrate him while in the house and thought Turner cared more about birds than her dad’s life. The two have since made up.

Jasmine and Turner have been at odds ever since Muffingate

During Big Brother 24 Week 4, Jasmine reserved two muffins for herself but noticed someone at half of one when she left. It upset the Atlanta native, who couldn’t wait to eat the treats. Therefore, she questioned several Houseguests about it, annoying them, and tried to get producers in the Diary Room to reveal their identity.

However, she claimed they refused to tell her, calling it “against the rules.” Turner later revealed he ate the dessert to Leftover allies Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin. The group thinks Jasmine is likely “playing” them by milking her ankle injury, which appears to be Turner’s reasoning behind eating the muffin. Later that night, Jasmine laid out a “trap” for the culprit.


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The Massachusetts native took the bait and ate a little more, which Jasmine eventually realized in the morning. Terrance Higgins exposed Turner’s identity due to his annoyance with the thrift shop owner, ending her search.

When Jasmine confronted him, he still denied his involvement. Turner continued to mess with his former Festie Bestie by putting water in a Ziploc bag containing her cookies with Michael excitedly watching from the Head of Household room. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.