‘Big Brother 24’: Did Turner Defend Taylor in A Blindside Veto Speech?

Big Brother 24 started with some uncomfortable veto ceremonies. That trend isn’t stopping, given what the live feeds revealed about Matt “Turner” Turner’s veto ceremony.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 24 live feeds on July 25, 2022.]

Who is HOH in week 3?

The July 24 episode showed Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli was evicted. The cast was split into duos for the Festie Bestie twist and competed for Head of Household (HOH).

Turner won HOH and picked Jasmine Davis as his bestie. This means they’re both safe for the week. The other besties are Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes, Nicole Layog and Taylor Hale, Indy Santos and Alyssa Snider, Ameerah Jones and Terrance Higgins, Monte Taylor and Joseph Abdin, Daniel Durston and Kyle Capener. 

Turner picked one set of besties for the block. Only one person will go home at the end of the week. In the end, he nominated Michael and Brittany.

Turner’s blindside veto speech mentioned people talking in closed rooms

The veto ceremony was on July 25. The live feeds showed Michael and Brittany used the veto on themselves. Turner put Ameerah and Terrance on the block, which shocked them.

Ameerah talked to Michael, Brittany, Kyle, and Jasmine. “I just wanna know what was said behind closed doors that he referenced,” Kyle told them. “Just in his speech, he said–”

“The dog pile thing?” Jasmine asked. Jasmine claimed Turner said that reference wasn’t to anyone in the room. 

“Why did he even say that?” Ameerah asked. “I didn’t even talk sh*t. Well, the thing is, I don’t really talk game with him. So that made sense because I didn’t go in there and talk sh*t about anybody.”

She later added, “And I was telling people to stop talking sh*t about Taylor.” Ameerah then laughed. Jasmine said when they later watch the episodes, it’ll show “people trying to do better” and “everybody was including her.”

Kyle later talked to Turner about the speech. “I didn’t prepare it. I was like, f*ck it. I think I did good,” Turner told Kyle. “You crushed it,” Kyle told him. 

Matthew Turner stands in a robe in the kitchen on 'Big Brother 24'.
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Turner mentioned how he only had a few minutes to talk to Ameerah this week while he spent hours with other people. “That alone is enough reason,” Kyle said.

“Even Monte said it’s good you brought in a specific example,” Turner said. “It would be way too hard to say, ‘Oh that didn’t happen because that was way too insular, honest to say for this reason you said.’”

This wouldn’t be the first time Taylor was mentioned in a veto speech. Daniel previously called her out and told her to apologize to other houseguests when he nominated her for the block. There is a new alliance called The Leftovers which is now working with Taylor. The target for the week is Ameerah.