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Many Big Brother 24 fans didn’t like Matt “Turner” before the season began due to his sister’s bullying claims about him. However, viewers have since changed their opinion, and Turner is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

‘Big Brother 24’ fans have changed their opinion of Matt’ Turner’

Before Big Brother 24 began, many viewers didn’t like Matt “Turner” due to his sister’s claims about his character. Some went as far as to leave negative reviews for his store.

However, as the season has evolved, fans are changing their mind about him. During Week 5, Turner started Muffingate when he ate his Festie Bestie Jasmine Davis’s muffin, annoyed as he felt she milked her ankle injury. She got upset, prompting him to continue his antics by eating more of her dessert.

Many viewers enjoyed the episode featuring his amusing behavior, with several completely changing their minds about him. One Reddit user called him “next level hilarious” and pointed out his “Jim Halpert” facial expressions to the camera.

Others began considering Turner one of their favorite players beforehand, noting he made a big move to take Ameerah Jones out during his Head of Household, called out the mistreatment of Taylor Hale in a Veto speech, his “shade toward Jasmine,” and his ability to recite all the U.S. states in record speech.

Some fans think Turner had ‘the most meteoric rises in the fanbases’

Superfans weighed in on the conversation, adding they consider Turner a “smart dude” after watching him for extended periods on the Live Feeds.

“He is well spoken, well traveled, and extremely intelligent,” one user claimed. Another called him “feed gold,” pointing to other things that didn’t make the air, including his “ferret debate with Jasmine” and Nicole Layog impersonation.

One fan explained they “love” how Turner seems laid back while talking to other Houseguests but expresses more “critical and sophisticated” thoughts in the Diary Room.

Someone else declared they believe the 23-year-old Massachusetts native has had “one of the most meteoric rises I’ve ever seen in the fanbases,” noting he went from “bottom to top on Joker’s Ratings basically overnight.”

Fans didn’t like Turner before ‘Big Brother 24’ due to bullying claims made by his sister

Shortly after CBS released the cast for Big Brother, Holly Turner, who claims to be his older sister, shared her experience with one of the newest Houseguests.

She accused him of bullying and tricking her parents into kicking her out of their home when she had nowhere else to go. His sister continued, claiming she had “horrible, crippling anxiety” and panic attacks from his treatment.


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According to her, their parents have given him “everything on a silver f*cking platter,” and he refuses to talk to her about it. Additionally, Holly claimed Turner previously worked for YouTuber Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson and lied about his boss in an attempt to “cancel him to kickstart” his own career. She ended her statement by claiming she didn’t want her brother to have a platform to showcase his “charming manipulation tactics” and encouraged viewers not to “believe it.”

Initially, many fans supported her, leading them to leave negative reviews for his thrift store. However, since the tide has turned, viewers have gone back and left positive comments. They have also called her the “true villain” of the season as other accounts have refuted her claims about Turner and his experience with Mr. Beast. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.