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Big Brother 24 finalist Matt “Turner” played a solid game that almost brought him to the final two seats. However, he recently admitted his biggest regret of the season.

Matt ‘Turner’ reveals his biggest regret from ‘Big Brother 24’

By winning three Head of Household competitions, during each of which huge threats were eliminated, Matt “Turner” played a great game in Big Brother 24, finishing third after starting at the bottom.

However, he notably had horrible jury management, an argument he used so Monte Taylor would take him to the final two.

A couple of months following the season, Turner admitted he considered it his biggest regret of the game in a YouTube video answering questions about his Big Brother experience. The Massachusetts-based thrift owner acknowledged his tendency to isolate houseguests once he knew they were getting voted out of the house.

Turner believes it’s a “defense mechanism” to cope with eliminating people that he genuinely liked. However, some players might have taken it personally. For example, he admitted he and Alyssa Snider, someone he was very close to in the house, didn’t talk for a month following the finale. They are currently on good terms, as Turner claimed they’d spoken several times since then.

Turner placed third in ‘Big Brother 24’

During the first week of Big Brother 24, Turner lost close allies Paloma Aguilar, who quit, and Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli to a blindside.

However, he turned his game around by joining The Pound – consisting of Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, and Monte – and winning HOH in Week 3. The game took a turn as The Pound teamed up with other outsiders, Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, and Taylor Hale, to form The Leftovers.

They went on to dominate the season and remained entirely in control until the Split House twist in Week 7. In Dyre Fest with Joseph, Kyle, his girlfriend Alyssa, and then-HOH Terrance Higgins, Kyle used the opportunity to turn on the Leftovers, resulting in Joseph’s eviction. The rest agreed to align together, and Turner proved his allegiance by nominating Leftover members Taylor and Brittany.

However, the reign didn’t go in his favor as Michael revealed Kyle’s plan to align against the non-white houseguests, incorrectly assuming they were working together. Therefore, Turner had to turn on his ally and backdoored him. He remained loyal to Monte and Taylor, eventually making it to the final three with them. However, his Pound ally considered him a bigger threat and opted to take Taylor to the end instead. The move proved fatal as Monte likely would have won against Turner but unanimously lost to Taylor.

Turner recently proposed to his girlfriend, Megan Belmonte

Throughout his time on the show, Turner extensively talked about his girlfriend Megan Belmonte and cried when he read her HOH letter.

Additionally, he shouted her out several times in his eviction speeches.


‘Big Brother 24’: Turner Admits He and Alyssa Snider Didn’t Talk for a Month After the Show

A month after the finale, he proposed to her and announced their engagement with pictures on Instagram. The two have dated for at least three years and jointly own a thrift store in Massachusetts.

While they haven’t announced a wedding date yet, the pair said Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, Taylor, Pooch, Joseph, and Alyssa are invited. Big Brother 24 is available to stream on Paramount+.