‘Big Brother 24’ Week 8 Power of Veto Results: 1 Fan-Favorite Is Safe, What Does This Mean for Another?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Week 8 Head of Household results, nominations, and Power of Veto winner.]

Big Brother 24 Week 8 kicks off with the aftermath of Leftover member Joseph Abdin’s eviction. As the Leftovers crumble, the After Party has risen to power, likely resulting in the exit of a fan favorite by the end of the week.

Matt ‘Turner’ won Head of Household during ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 8

After Kyle Capener exposed The Leftovers to save himself and his girlfriend, Alyssa Snider, during Big Brother 24 Week 7, he completely jumped ship.

Instead of remaining in the dominating alliance, Kyle turned on them and formed the After Party with the remaining Dyre Fest attendees Matt “Turner,” Terrance Higgins, and Alyssa.

On the other hand, Big BroChella’s Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, and Monte Taylor wanted to stay strong to The Leftovers. When the groups reunited, they weren’t sure what had happened and didn’t know that Kyle was the one to expose the alliance.

Turner won Head of Household and initially claimed he wanted to stay loyal to The Leftovers. Therefore, he told the Big BroChella group that he planned to nominate the remaining outsiders, Alyssa and Terrance. In a conversation with Kyle, the two confirmed their final two, and he suggested the After Party, with the addition of Monte, entirely flip on The Leftovers.

Michael Bruner won his fifth Power of Veto 

Turner eventually agreed with him and put Brittany and Taylor on the block with Michael as their main backdoor target. However, if nominations stay the same, the After Party wants Taylor out of the house.

Following the ceremony, Michael caught wind that he might be in trouble. He told Taylor that he wanted to keep their side “as competitive as possible,” likely hinting at taking her off the block if he won the Power of Veto. However, his closest ally Brittany is also nominated.

Michael ended up getting picked for the Veto and won his fifth POV victory of the season, tying the record. After his win, he told Brittany he would save her but wanted to figure out how they could keep Taylor in the game, too. Therefore, he suggested trying to convince Turner to put Kyle up.

One way the two plan to go about it is by exposing Kyle’s pitch for him, Michael, Brittany, and Turner to team up against “loud personalities” in the alliance, Monte and Taylor. While Monte is a part of the After Party, his true allegiances are unclear. He seems to agree with the Michael backdoor but knows the group is lying to him about what happened in Dyre Fest, resulting in his close ally Joseph Abdin’s eviction.

Taylor Hale might get evicted during ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 8

Even though Michael is safe, he must choose between Taylor or Brittany joining him. He is closer to Brittany and promised to use it on her, but his next moves are still unclear.

If Brittany is safe, Taylor becomes the target. Terrance has already expressed interest in leaving the house next as she’s pushed for him to get put on the block.


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The group will likely evict Brittany if Taylor is safe to weaken their numbers. Then, it would be Taylor/Brittany, Michael, and possibly Monte against Kyle, Turner, Terrance, and Alyssa. However, Michael is attempting to get Kyle nominated.

He and Brittany had told Alyssa a lot of information, including Kyle’s actual intent to leave her on the block during Week 3 when he and Daniel Durston won the Power of Veto. It’s possible that Alyssa flips and joins Michael’s side. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.