‘Big Brother’ Alums Aren’t Happy the Houseguests Were Warned About the Triple Eviction

This week was promised to be an exciting one for Big Brother. That’s because the first triple eviction will happen. Many people expected it to be a surprise that will lead to at least one unexpected eviction. But the live feeds showed houseguests were warned and people aren’t happy about it.

‘Big Brother 22’ will have the first ever triple eviction

Julie Chen Moonves on 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen Moonves on ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

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This season hasn’t had many twists. There wasn’t even a battle back for evicted houseguests to return to the game yet.

But Julie Chen Moonves did reveal there will be the first ever triple eviction for the U.S. main show on Oct. 1. It wasn’t fully explained how it’ll work but it will be a two-hour event.

This has happened on Canada’s Big Brother. After the eviction there is a new Head of Household (HOH) competition. The HOH then puts up three houseguests, then there is a veto competition. There is then a vote and the two players with the least number of votes are evicted.

The show will most likely play out differently given there is more time for the episode. Fans have been excited about getting more houseguests out quickly given the season’s pace has felt slow. That’s because there is a dominating alliance and their plans have gone perfectly. Fans hoped a triple eviction would surprise them, and have them take bigger risks.

It’s clear the houseguests are onto the twist

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Fans noticed on Sept. 29 the triple eviction won’t come as a complete surprise. David Alexander and Tyler Crispen were heard talking on the live feeds.

“Dani [Briones] did say she feels like she is at the bottom of the barrel of the house,” David said. “She’s f*cking lying. I don’t know, man, we’ll just see. I just want something to happen. Three going this week sounds good #BB22,” Tyler said.

Big Brother 8 winner, Dick Donato responded to this conversation that was tweeted by Big Brother Daily. “WHY DOES PRODUCTION TELL THEM WHAT IS COMING UP? WHY WOULD THEY TELL THEM ABOUT THE TRIPLE????” he tweeted.

It looks like the houseguests are talking about who are the three people most likely to head to jury. Alums don’t seem to be happy that the twist won’t be a surprise.

The alums aren’t happy the houseguests won’t be surprised

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Of course, that isn’t the only thing Donato had to say about the situation. “#BB22 Production: The ratings are in the toilet. We need something to make this boring season come to life? Intern: We could steal BBCAN’s triple eviction. Production: Genius! Intern: Yeah, spring it on them & watching them scramble Production: No we’ll warn them days in advance!” he tweeted.

Donato isn’t the only alum who had something to say about the twist being blown. Ronnie Talbot from Big Brother 11 tweeted, “Wait a minute. They know that Thursday is a triple eviction? WHY?!?! Can’t we just surprise them with ONE thing? #BB22.”

Fans have also shared their disappointment online. Soon we’ll see how the triple eviction will play with given they’ve had time to make their plans.