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Big Brother started with a surprising exit. Paloma Aguilar left the game for personal reasons, but she made sure to make Taylor Hale a house target before she left. Alums of the show are react to her latest attempt to claim Taylor was the bully in the house.

Paloma accuses Taylor of bullying after ‘Big Brother 24’ self-eviction

Taylor Hale and Paloma Aguilar discuss the game during an episode of 'Big Brother 24.'
Taylor Hale and Paloma Aguilar | Photo: CBS

Paloma returned to TikTok and made a video about her interactions with Taylor on July 31. “I am feeling much better since I left the house and self-evicted,” she said. “I want to make it super clear that I self-evicted not because of Taylor or anyone else but because of my mental health.”

“Another thing I wanted to address obviously is the whole Taylor drama because frankly, I’m so sick of people on Twitter making assumptions about who I am without actually hearing me out,” she continued. “So it’s as simple as this, I was in the house bullied by Taylor. I’m in the shower washing my hair, and she makes a comment and makes fun of how I look in the shower, right? Or I drop a piece of pineapple, and there’s a condescending comment that happened, right?” 

“So what does someone do when they’re bullied?” she asked. “They clap back, right? And it’s not taking the high road. It’s not being the nicest person. I had moments in there where I definitely was not nice at all. And I do apologize for that. But I’m not a perfect human being, and I’m ready to take accountability for that.” 

She then addressed whether her actions against Taylor were racist. “Was it a matter of race?” the former houseguest asked. “Or me being a racist? Absolutely not. Was it a matter of Paloma being bullied and not being shown on camera? Yeah! That for sure happened. Did Taylor and I get past that and become friends? Absolutely. But I’m here to tell you that the media and the show, a lot of the time, doesn’t portray what the truth is. They wanna portray what’s entertaining. And like, how can you blame them? How can you blame them? But it’s at a cost, and it’s at the expense of my mental health.”

She told fans they could believe it or not. But she is giving this message for her closure. The TikTok was taken down the same day after multiple negative comments.

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Before the TikTok was deleted, Hannah Chaddha from Big Brother 23 commented. “I’m glad that you’re doing better mentally but you remarking that you don’t see color & it has no impact on the game (social factors have just as much an effect on the game as they do in real life so I do feel like you statement was ignorant & dismissive) and you claiming that Taylor “scares the sh*t out of you” in addition to a number of other microaggressions don’t sit right w/my spirit. I hope you continue to nurture your health & well-being but I would also appreciate more introspecion from you as to how your actions affected others.”

James Wallington from The Amazing Race and the current season of The Challenge USA, tweeted, “Wait, this Paloma TIkTok can’t be real… right?! #BB24 #BigBrother24.” Derek Frazier from Big Brother 23 replied, “Oh it’s real!” Wallington then tweeted, “It’s giving delusional. So cringe.”

Britni D’Angelo from Big Brother 23 tweeted, “First, mental health is nothing to joke about. It should 100% be taken seriously. In saying this, please don’t use the ‘we don’t see everything’ excuse as a way to validate your actions. Taylor NEVER bullied anyone. Instead, apologize & own your words. #BB24.”