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We’re now deep into the game of Big Brother 22 and we’ve learned there are some houseguests that will always target each other. Memphis Garrett has had his eye on David Alexander for some time. Some alums aren’t happy by how he’s gone about it. [Warning Spoilers for the Sept. 20 episode.]

Memphis Garrett called out David Alexander on ‘Big Brother 22’

Memphis Garrett (L) and Dan Gheesling the winner of the "Big Brother Season 10 Grand Finale"
Memphis Garrett (L) and Dan Gheesling the winner of the “Big Brother Season 10 Grand Finale” | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Memphis had a strong start in the game by becoming Head of Household (HOH) in week 2. He was also an exiting Have-Not and had to pick a new one.

“David, have fun buddy,” he told him. Memphis explained in the diary room that he chose David because he’s never been one and he thinks he’ll break down.

“He’s the rookie out of this whole group and I’m gonna put him to the test a little bit and see how it goes,” the HOH said in the diary room. He apparently also told him this in front of the other houseguests.

Tyler Crispen was seen talking about it on the live feeds and said it was “savage.” He also put David on the block so it was a rough week for him.

He made a deal with David

Memphis won HOH again. He was seen on the Sept. 20 episode having a private conversation with David in the HOH room.

“I put David on the block on week 2. I don’t have a good relationship with David,” Memphis said in the diary room. “I’m not in any alliance with David so it just makes sense for him to go now. But the only way that I can make sure that he goes home this week is to backdoor him.”

He added, “I need to make a deal with David to incentivize him so if he does play in the Power of Veto [competition] he doesn’t want to win.” However, he didn’t really try to sweeten his tone to make this deal.

“You want a seat at the table, you got it. But here’s the deal, it’s a straight up business deal so listen carefully. If we shake hands and you promise me you will not play the veto, keep my nominations the same, then I’ll keep you off the block this week,” he told him.

Memphis also told him he’s not allowed to talk about the deal with anyone. “If I hear something then I know it’s coming straight from you. And you will be public enemy number one and I’ll make a point of it,” he warned. David accepted this deal and Memphis put Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell on the block.

Some alums aren’t happy with their conversation


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Some fans and alums weren’t happy with their conversation about this fake deal. They tweeted their reaction to the episode.

“The way that Memphis talks to David is not okay,” Big Brother 15 winner, Andy Herren tweeted. “I hated that. Not happy about it at all,” Tommy Bracco from Big Brother 21 tweeted in the replies.

This isn’t the first time people have reacted to how Memphis treats David. They have petitioned to get him removed from the show. Fans will have to keep watching to see if his plan to backdoor him will be successful.